May 31, 2020

the infuriatingly sad story of global warming


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global-warming-gorgeous-photos-2These gorgeous photos perfectly capture the infuriatingly sad story of global warming

By Chris Smith From BGR

Global warming is a hotly debated topic around the world, as many people are still not convinced Earth’s climate is being affected by human activity. has put up a collection of 17 gorgeous pictures that tell an infuriatingly sad story: global warming is affecting our lives in various subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

“Glaciers around the world are losing ice at unprecedented rates thanks to rising global temperatures. Here, the glacier in experiences an unexpected rupture,” the publication explains, showing an amazing picture of a melting glacier (first image below).

Melting ice also affects local ecosystems, with polar bears having to eat their own cubs as their hunting grounds melt away (second image below).

Equally impressive is the image of a partially frozen (above), as photographed last year.

“Many climate change effects are less obvious. Last winter, for instance, the swirling air above the Arctic, known as the ‘polar vortex,’ became unstable and sent unusually icy weather streaming through Canada and the United States, causing scenes like this one at Niagara Falls. Some experts believe climate-related changes in the Arctic, like melting sea ice, can disrupt the polar vortex’s stability,” Business Insider writes.

Some of these impressive photos attached, with the full gallery available at Business Insider

Image Source: Aaron Harris

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