October 30, 2020

‘The hate is strong in that one’: Jessica Mulroney hits back at swimsuit photo [taken on Grand Cayman] critics


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By Ekizabeth Di Filipo From Yahoo Lifestyle

Jessica Mulroney has zero time for online bullies.

The media strategist and stylist hit back at trolls after she was body shamed for sharing a swimsuit snap to Instagram.


While on location in the Cayman Islands filming her upcoming Netflix series, “I Do, Redo,” the 39-year-old shared a photo of herself taking a rare moment to relax and catch some sun.

“Brings ten bathing suits….only gets to wear one on a balcony,” Mulroney captioned the post. “All work, no play in Cayman. I will be back to play in the water with the kiddos.”

The Toronto-based fashion expert and mother of three immediately drew backlash from some of her not-so supportive followers who began picking her body apart.

“Does silicone float easily? If not, no need for your kids to wear life jackets,” one commenter wrote. “The silicone on your chest should do that job just fine for them.”

“Mind your own floaties,” the “Good Morning America” correspondent replied. “While legions of followers were quick to step in and defend her against the online hate, Mulroney encouraged them to practice compassion.

“The hate is strong in that one,” she continued. “Let’s not attack her and perhaps understand why she feels the need to bring other women down.”

The criticism continued with another female follower commenting, “You look amazing. No question. But how is this helping women (the grand population that you try to hit) feel about themselves if they can simply never achieve the picture of beauty you are selling.”

“I’m not selling sex,” Mulroney replied. “Check yourself and perhaps educate yourself on women post-babies that want to achieve confidence and career goals. Tone it down.”

The back-and-forth between Mulroney’s critics prompted her to issue a response in a separate post.

“Note to self: never ever post another picture of myself in a bathing suit. Only wear parkas by the beach,” she began. “Apparently a picture in a bathing suit is offensive to my career, some followers, the charities I work with and my children. But guess what… I don’t care. Thank you to my strong followers who get it. Everyone else, get a clue.”

This isn’t the first time Mulroney has been bullied for a swimwear photo. In August, she quickly deleted and reposted a photo of herself in a blue bikini while filming a segment for “Good Morning America” in Las Vegas.

“I took this down after posting it yesterday,” Mulroney wrote. “Too many trolls attacking. But I realized today, I don’t care. I work hard on every aspect of my life and I’m proud of my body. I’m proud of the work I do. I’m proud that I’m driven. I’m proud of it all. And if we can’t be proud of ourselves, then what’s the point? No more apologies.”

For more on this story go to; https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/jessica-mulroney-bathing-suit-body-shamers-144835175.html

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