July 3, 2020

The Guest Editor speaks


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By Carol-Ann Rudy

Carol-Ann Rudy

A “South’un” Point-of-View

The art of the editorial is inherent in its name: EDITORial, written by, and the personal point-of-view of, the editor. Well, it’s my honor to be guest editor for a few days. I discussed with Colin, your Editor, what I could bring to the pages of iEyeNews for the pleasure of its readers. Since I live in the United States, my point-of-view is shaped by the place I live, its culture, its history. Except that like many of iEyeNews’ readers, I am influenced by so much more, a polyglot of cultures in my background: Canadian and U.S citizenship, residency in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario. And now South Carolina. What bearing does that have on anything? Well, for one thing it shapes my political views as well as my social views.

Let me admit up front: I’m a Recovering Republican, now leaning left. I’m affronted by the lack of statesmanship and civility on the part of the U.S. president, my president. For he is that. Like a marriage, for better or worse. For now. How do his politics and the politics of the Republican Party of which he is the head, affect the Caymans? And the other two equal branches of the U.S. government, the Senate and the House of Representatives?

I take the time to read actual documents such as the Mueller report. I read differing opinions from local and national pundits. I choose to watch CNN and am impressed with the wide selection of highly-qualified guests appearing on its many news programs. I’m impressed that CNN actually offers news; it is not billed as an entertainment program like FOX which I find unreliable and biased.

If the Caymans are affected adversely, I’m guessing it is from a “trickle-down effect.” Considering the Caymans are a very popular tourist destination, let’s hope it’s a “trickle-UP effect” once again, and soon.

Carol-Ann Rudy:

President Ex-Officio, South Carolina Writers Association, SCWA (formerly SCWW), www.myscwa.org
2017 Conference Co-Chair SCWA Essay Judge, 2018 Atlantic InstituteHonorable Mention, Short Story America 2017
Associate Editor, The Petigru Review 2017Member, Triple Nine Society
Member, Society of Childrens Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

Carol-Ann wrote a series of articles for iNews Cayman titled “All the world’s an island: Correspondent Carol-Ann covers the Globe with only a back pack” in August 2014. Look them up.

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