April 4, 2020

The Guest Editor speaks, AGAIN


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By Carol-Ann Rudy

Carol-Ann Rudy

A “South’un” Point-of-View

What drives people to the Cayman Islands? What makes anyone decide to raid the bank account, board a yacht, ship, plane, a Yellow Submarine, stick the kids with a baby-sitter and head for the Caymans? Or any island of the Caribbean? On the surface, it’s the same thing that drives people to head for the beaches of Florida and other states. But is there a particular siren song that sings to the tourist to travel those extra miles to Cayman?


There are other beaches with sand, gentle surf, suds, sailing, dancing, and all the rest the advertising promises. The Caymans? As a group of islands, they are particularly attractive to Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, because of—their isolation. The more isolated, the more exotic. An exotic destination suggests heightened excitement, special treatment, friendly Cayman Islanders, dazzling entertainment and lastly, great regional food.

Add to that more practical considerations: a relatively stable currency and government, excellent accommodations, and a low crime rate.

Have I had the pleasure? No, I have not, but I have been blessed with friends who live in George Town with whom I communicate frequently by email and text. Better yet, I have iEyeNews to keep me informed. Through iEyeNews, I have vicariously enjoyed Pirate’s Day and so many other events on the islands! Will I get there one day? Hope so, and hope the troubling tariffs being levied by President Trump won’t precipitate a tail-spin in the U.S. economy. Money is hard enough to come by. Recent events in the markets are somewhat ominous. On a more optimistic note, the economy of the Caymans has been established for a long time. Which brings to mind another of the blessings of isolation: the healthy distance from the volatile social and political climate of other nations in the region, particularly Venezuela.

In sum, The Cayman Islands: as a friend of mine proclaimed, What’s not to love?

Carol-Ann Rudy:

President Ex-Officio, South Carolina Writers Association, SCWA (formerly SCWW), www.myscwa.org
2017 Conference Co-Chair SCWA Essay Judge, 2018 Atlantic InstituteHonorable Mention, Short Story America 2017
Associate Editor, The Petigru Review 2017Member, Triple Nine Society
Member, Society of Childrens Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

Carol-Ann wrote a series of articles for iNews Cayman titled “All the world’s an island: Correspondent Carol-Ann covers the Globe with only a back pack” in August 2014. Look them up.

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