November 27, 2021

The Editor Speaks:An accident waiting to happen

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The farce of the Kel Thompson car park continues. Just take a look at the attached photograph.

The car park, in my opinion, is being operated illegally, as the Appeals Tribunal vetoed it several weeks ago.

Why the Central Planning Authority (CPA) has not issued an enforcement order is incomprehensible. It is not just unmitigated chaos where this property is located, but an accident waiting to happen.

On the busiest road in the Cayman Islands, not a 100 yards from the cruise ship loading, you will witness vehicles reversing into the road, cars and buses parking on the sidewalk, which is not raised like that on adjoining properties. An unauthorized security guard stands in the road to holdup the traffic to enable reversing vehicles into the road. Large buses park on the sidewalk to let passengers alight or board. Trucks with gasoline on board delivers to boats moored behind the car park.

How could the CPA allow no distance between the road and the car park when the law stipulates a minimum setback of twenty feet? Is this another CPA example of who you know in the face of objections of the National Roads Authority? Something must be done to stop this before the first fatality confronts us.

Luckily the hideous purple building also not built within the recommended setbacks remains unoccupied and hopefully will remain closed forever or better still, subject to the ravages of natural or other causes, will fall down.

The members of the CPA will, in my book, be responsible when the accident happens. There is no “if” about it. May we all pray the accident will not be serious. However, that day is sure to come.

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  1. What makes this carpark more dangerous than the one that was there before?

    • There was no proper car park there before. It was just a piece of dirt and ironshore. It was used mainly for vehicles to unload and if they did park it was parallel with the road. Vehicles rarely parked facing the ocean – there tail would be sticking out almost in the road and definitely causing an obstruction to pedestrians.

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