September 24, 2020

The Editor Speaks:A rocky evening for a flying cause


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Last Friday (31) I was at the Prospect Playhouse to a full house for a 60’s Rock N’Roll Show!

“The Best of the Beach Boys, Beatles and Rolling Stones” was on display through the myriad of talents of Sea N’ B who I have known since my very early days when I arrived here as Chuck & Barrie (Quappe). They were joined on stage by Roger “Bugs” Wilson (no relation to me), Kate Allenger and drummer Mark McTaggart. Whilst most of the vocals were executed By Barrie and Chuck, both Kate and Mark also had their own solos.

Songs included Surfin USA,Wouldn’t It Be Nice, California Girls, I Get Around, All My Lovin, Can’t Buy Me Love, , Back In The USSR, Satisfaction, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Get Off On My Cloud , As Tears Go By and Jumpin’ Jack Flash, plus seven more.

That the audience were very appreciative by the rousing applause, cheers and dancing in the aisles and seats. I have to admit to getting up from my seat and doing a few twists and twirls myself with my wife, Joan, doing her much better dance steps.

The performance was dedicated to Chuck & Barrie’s son Zak Quappe who tragically died in a car accident.

Zak was very interested in flying from the age of twelve and enjoyed his first solo flight at the age of 17. When he was 18 he told his parents he wanted to make flying a career and attended the ATP Flight School in FT Lauderdale, Florida, USA. He obtained a commercial licence with a multi engine and instrument rating. He also later obtained a Tail Wheel distinction during the continuation of his flying studies.

On returning to the Cayman Islands Zak obtained a CFI (Certified Instructor Rating) and went to work for Jeff McGlashan, who had sponsored him tn obtaining his CFI.

To make Zak’s death not just a statistic his family started the Zak Quappe Flight Scholarship to provide monetary assistance (it costs approx. $20,000) to obtain a Private Pilots Licence.

All the monies collected at the above performance will go to the Scholarship.

The Scholarship will only last as long as the generosity provided by people who attend the fundraisers for the cause. Committee members are , , Jeff McGlashan, Chuck and , and Marcus Cumber. They will accept any donations. For further information contact:

Sheree Ebanks [email protected]
Karie Bergstrom [email protected]
Barrie Quappe [email protected]

It was a million dollar show Sea N’ B put on. It really rocked and flew!

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