May 13, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Zero tolerance by police and purple ribbon

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Colin Wilsonweb2With zero tolerance again being promised by our police over the Christmas Season and the New Year there is good news for those who want to revel and drink more than they should.

The National Drug Council has managed to secure sponsorship to support the New Year’s Eve Purple Ribbon Bus Service,

I would have liked the police to have pushed the Purple Ribbon drive as well as their warnings and encouraged the local business community to put more money into Purple Ribbon.

Taking people home safely is far better than telling someone we will lock you up and fine you if you drink and drive.

Too late for that if the revelers are killed or kill someone else.

Unfortunately the free bus ride offered through Purple Ribbon is only available on New Year’s Eve into the very early hours of the following morning,

We have the rest of December to get by.

Now my wife and I are living in Newlands instead of the heart of George Town we have to contend with a 20/30 minute drive and even in the sobering times of the morning and afternoon, some of the driving I have witnessed is atrocious.

Only this morning I was overtaken on the inside of the roundabout by Kings Sports Centre (the very place my wife had an accident on last week) by a maniac in a white sports car who I thought was going down the Linford Pierson Highway. He wasn’t but he was determined to get in front of me to go into town on the old road. I had to break as he would have hit me. Then, to my amazement he stopped less than 300 yards further on to turn right down one of the side turnings. He had to wait for the oncoming traffic to cease before continuing on his life and death journey.

So what was his point and why did he risk not only my life but his just to be in front of me for less than a minute?

I have no answer to it but I now see it nearly every day.

Even on the roundabouts along the Arterial Highway going and coming from Newlands cars try to get past. You see on these roundabouts they have the only two lanes so the driver uses these to get in front only to get behind a slower moving car on the single lane ahead.

I would love to video these idiots and show them for the whole of Cayman to see.

I might do this next year on ieyenews. So watch this space.

I hope it won’t be your car and you are the driver.

So remember over this holiday season. Zero police tolerance and there is the Purple Ribbon bus on New Years Eve.

At present the bus is scheduled to run from West Bay to Bodden Town at half hour intervals with a limited number of buses going on to North Side and East End as well.

As well as the free NYE bus, the NDC has begun its campaign to warn about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol during the holiday season, which includes the Designated Driver Programme.

PLEASE take note.

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