July 29, 2021

The Editor speaks: You have to shout to be ……..

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Colin Wilsonweb2“Heard” is the obvious word to end the above sentence. Just as common now is the word “successful”.

Have you noticed the sudden rise of noise in our commercials, whether on video or audio. Especially audio. Not only do these adverts have loud music they even have a louder voice often accompanied with some form reverberation or echo behind it.

The game shows want contestants who are loud, over the top and rude.

My favourite one found on the Game Show Network was The Chase with the Beast and it was a General Knowledge quiz where three contestants had to beat the Beast who was a whiz at trivia and general knowledge.

This has now been replaced by Winsanity. It has a rowdy studio audience encouraged to shout and scream and show off to help the contestant win prizes not only for him or herself but members of this imbecilic band watching.

The din gives the TV viewer a headache but at least we have the option of the mute button and like me – turning it off.

Then there are my wife’s three staple game show diets. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, that I can also enjoy ( they both are relatively calm, even though one can wonder how stupid and dense some of the Wheel contenders are and admire how clever the Jeopardy ones are in comparison). And the third? Family Fued that had nearly died the death until they changed the host, changed the contestants and made the questions the producers asked 100 men or women as suggestive as possible. Suggestive meaning quite frankly rude and sensual. How it gets a PG rating is beyond me. And the host is now ex-comedian Steve Harvey.

With his facial expressions, his braying laughter and shouting he has brought the show to the number one slot.

We have Trump shouting out his message of if elected how he would save America from itself and if that wasn’t bad enough we have the shrill voice of Hilary Clinton, who pauses after each sentence she also now shouts so as to be competitive. The pause helps not only so she can get enough breath but to quickly make sure she isn’t going to say something she will regret later. This last piece of mastery is something Trump has failed to do and has cost him the race.

He will continue shouting at Clinton’s backside unless a miracle happens.

So the genteel hosts of Wheel of Fortune will have to turn themselves into a Punch and Judy act in order to survive (“That’s the way to do it”) and Alex Trebek is due to retire from Jeopardy soon to make way for someone like Nick Cannon (America’s Got Talent).

I turned over to Trinity Broadcasting for some peace and love but got some pastor shouting and thumping a Bible before making way for a female singer who had the lungs and voice of a lion.

All these people are successful, I am not.

I do have a loud voice so why didn’t I make better use of it?

I became a writer instead.

Too late now.

I shall just shout off.

Where are the headache pills? The ear plugs?

Doesn’t work. I can still hear them….   shout.

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