September 28, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Yes I am repeating myself but it is APPALLING!!


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Friday, I had another “go” at the bloggers and I have to repeat myself because what I read today is APPALLING!! So here is another “GO” at them!

My friends (yes I still have a few) often mock me when I use the word “Appalling” but I am so outraged I make no excuses for repeating the word again.

I am referring to the awful robbery on Thu (24) at CITN/Westar’s Television Centre just off Eastern Avenue when three scumbags robbed CITN at GUN POINT.

One would think normal people would be outraged and horrified at something like this happening but reading more than half of the blogs on their favourite media site they are gloating. They are PLEASED!!! Not happy to have another “go” at the RCIPS they have a “go” at the Television Station!

What message is THAT sending around the world? “The people of the Cayman Islands are peace loving and God fearing”?

These are some of the INSANE blogs aimed at CITN/WestStar:

“Thought it was in their licence that they have to provide 4 free channels (originally 2 each between CITN and WestStar).” – Editor: What has that got to do with the robbery and that isn’t correct either. It was 1 free channel from CITN and CTS (Island 24). WestStar were not the license holder.

“CITN less than a week when you took away the free cable where poor people could watch the news and less than two weeks before hurracaine season. 
Our goverment never even speak out about this and we are the ones who build CITN.  Shame on you CITN I don’t feel sorry at all.” – Editor: spellings not corrected and it was WestStar/CTS not CITN.

“Yea. When I came home some of my channels are missing too…
Cant get ShowTime cant get HBO cant get Cinemax…
Maybe the robbers stole some of the tv signals thats why I cant get these channels…
Anybody else missing channels?” – Editor: The robbers probably did. Now that should make you angry.

“My pictures and sound are not in sync.” – Editor: I had to delete what I first wrote.

“Finally West Star feels what it’s like to get robbed!” – Editor: I hope and pray you never do, especially when someone points a gun at your head.

“They rob me every month when I pay my overpriced bill. What comes around goes around I guess.” – Editor: I hope that saying won’t come true and hit you.

“Police are looking for posibble suspect that may have a grudge to bear… they intend to interview Weststar’s entire monopolized customer base of 23,000… the ICTA who Weststar wish to be subjected to a judicial review, the guy that thought he had a definitive share purchase for $80m but now hasn’t, and………..” – Editor: So WestStar has a television monopoly does it? And I thought there were satellite providers of television here.

“News27 better start giving us CABLE news again. Cutting service off from the public through cable was a bad idea. Now, connected with Weststar, and guess what?  Weststar gets robbed.” – Editor: News27? That’s a programme name!

And finally:

“But WHERE did the TV station have their CAMERAS????????????” – Editor: Quote from story: “The TV station said the police are reviewing CCTV footage of the robbery at the payment office”

And then there is WestStar’s Customer Care Manager Shayne Whittaker’s statement: “The staff are understandably shaken up, so we have brought in a counselor from the EAP to talk to them.” Didn’t THAT make the bloggers have an ounce of and sympathy for the victims? No it did not. The bloggers had their lunatic words out in print on a media site that seems to encourage this dreadful verbiage. They can show it to there [their] friends and delitfully [delightfully] boast “see, what I ‘writ’ and THEY PRINTED IT ON THEIR WEBSITE”. I bet they don’t show what I ‘writ’ [wrote] alongside their blogs on iNews Cayman’s website!

Where is the compassion? Where is the outrage that scumbags can go into a business premises and terrify hardworking staff at gunpoint

Only THREE blogs out of 23 actually mentioned the staff and hit out at the robbers.

Oh, what has happened here? Is this the Cayman we advertise to the world now?

Yes, I know, the large majority of this country are as appalled as I am at another robbery by low life thugs but that is not what the world sees. They read mindless ravings from people living in the Cayman Islands who think it good sport for a business to be robbed and their employees targeted.

World. The Cayman Islands IS a lovely place to live and the people who mostly blog on that site are not the average or typical Caymanian or resident.


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