July 11, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Why was the Bryan case even brought before the courts?


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Colin Wilsonweb2Kenneth Bryan, who was the premier’s political assistant before he was charged of assaulting police by , was saddened of being found .

I am saddened and VERY disappointed in the police and their heavy hand in going ahead with the prosecution in the first place.

This whole affair will make law abiding persons think twice before giving aid to anyone, especially as Bryan did to a POLICE officer.

When we get angry we all do things we shouldn’t. And I am betting the police officer who suffered such damage to his person by Bryan’s assault was also angry.

Even so this police officer was amenable to the charge of assault being dropped if Bryan had pleaded guilty of “disorderly conduct”, and Bryan had agreed to that, but the Office of the Director of said NO!!

What a message.

Bryan goes to the aid of a female police officer who is being assaulted. The police are called and try and arrest the wrong person. The person doing the assaulting leaves the scene and I understand was never charged with that offence but assaulted the police officer again. This time he was charged, found guilty and is doing time in jail. Bryan tries to tell the police they have the wrong person and is very authoritatively told to move away or words stronger than that. Bryan gets angry and calls the police officer a terrible name – a “bumbaclot”. I must confess I am not familiar with that adjective having never heard it used before to describe anyone let alone myself. It certainly does not strike any form of emotion in my heart if I was ever called it.

I have not commented on this affair before as I was waiting for the verdict but above all hoping some good sense would come forward and the whole case would be dropped.

As it never happened the Magistrate, not having much choice in the matter, had to find Bryan guilty. Thankfully, she did not record a conviction against Bryan but put him on probation for 12 months.

What a total waste of the public purse.

I can only wonder at why the police and the DPP would ever want this shocking publicity when they are desperate for persons to come forward and help them.

If the police had arrested the right culprit or pursued him he wouldn’t have beaten up the police woman again. So none of this prosecution against Bryan makes much sense. It would have made only common sense for the to have quashed the whole matter and not gotten the bad publicity and the squander of the public purse.

No. There has to be some ounce of wisdom why this case was brought before the courts and I have my dirty suspicions as to the real reason and it has nothing to do with justice.

We all probably have, too and that is not a good thing for the police and our justice system, I am ashamed to say.

Someone said, “ the law is an ass”. It is not the law that is an ass. It’s the people behind it.

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