July 7, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Why the silence on who conducted the report on Police Commissioner?


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Colin WilsonwebSo why do we have to have secrecy surrounding the identity of the person who conducted the internal investigation into Cayman’s , David Baines’ use of force during the arrest of one of the three robbers fleeing from on New Year’s Day in downtown George Town?

The governor’s office has confirmed the internal investigation report is near completion.

The person who has to decide whether the police commissioner used undue force when he ran over the suspected robber, Jonathan Ramoon, is Cheryl Richards, , Cayman Islands first Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

When it was first announced there was to be an internal investigation it was indicated Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis would be undertaking the investigation but he has denied he has had anything to do with the inquiry.

It is extraordinary that it is government, whether it is the United Kingdom or any department locally, who thump the drum of openness and accountability, who are the worst culprits.

You lead by example but with them it is a case of don’t do as I do – DO AS I SAY!

And one can only wonder at the reason for the secrecy.

Whether the commissioner is cleared or not the secrecy surrounding the investigating officer is still going to raise eyebrows and then we will have the conspiracy theories running unabated.

In today’s iNews Cayman we have another story concerning police corruption in the ’s once most respected police force, London’s Metropolitan Police – The Met (Scotland Yard). (See “Something rotten in the Metropolitan Police”)

It is ironic when it was thought there was police corruption here in Cayman it was officers from The Met who were sent down here and the nefarious Operation Tempura started rolling.

I am not suggesting any of The Met officers that were here were corrupt. However, not many of them left with their reputations intact.

At least there is a Commission of Inquiry being enacted in the UK now into “rogue and corrupt” Met police officers although they may never be brought to justice because of “mass-shredding of sensitive corruption files held by Scotland Yard”. There are suggestions an investigation into the 1987 murder of a whistleblower could be reopened.

Unfortunately we can relate to all of this to a lesser extent here. Although, thankfully murder is a missing ingredient.

I have been at a loss, however, that there has been some form of sympathy given to the alleged Diamonds International thief caught seemingly red-handed who ended up under the police commissioner’s car.

“It took some two hours for the police to free him and he remained in a wheel chair during his most recent court appearance.”

Oh dear.

Who said, “Silence is golden”? Peace and quiet has great value. Sometimes. However, it can also lead to wild speculation and I for one have had enough of it.

Please tell us RCIPS, who conducted (or is conducting) the report on Police Commissioner?


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