July 3, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Why the seemingly victimization of Catron?


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Colin Wilsonweb2I actually changed the wording of my question from “obvious”.

Sandra Catron is an activist and she gets right up people’s noses. She is praised in some quarters and hated by others.

When she sees something she thinks is as an injustice she will say so and not leave it there. Like a hungry wolf she will track it down, sniff, bite and finally devour.

Words are not enough. She will meet it head on and she doesn’t care if it is some low or high born. Nor the poor man nor the rich. An injustice is the same and she makes enemies.

And some of these enemies are rich and think themselves important. They want to get back and they use every means at their disposal. And a word or two in the right places and they can make her life a living hell.

However, Catron is no push over. She has studied law and she has a very sharp mind. I would put her mind up against any of our lawyers and this has been proved with the battles she has had with the Department of Public Prosecution ().

In the last years she been prosecuted by the DPP times over the most menial of things and even an untrained legal mind like mine has wondered why? Even I could have won my case on the easier ones and therefore I have to question the reasoning behind it.

Catron by winning has presumably made the legal experts at the DPP mad and perhaps commonsense has clouded their judgment. Perhaps pressure has been put upon them by the police themselves? Or someone pushing the police? I don’t know but it is certainly strange.

This last case was from the start smacking of some political interference. Why was Catron singled out when there were many others that could have been placed on the stove?

This case involved the notorious McKeeva Bush Nation Building Fund. Catron was charged with EIGHT counts of uttering a false document over a group of students who took a paralegal course with her company Micro-Matrix. These eight never finished the programme. She was paid money from the fund as if they had finished the programme. So?

When I was much, much younger, I took out a correspondence course and I had to pay up front for the tuition in full even if I didn’t complete the course. And I didn’t complete it.

If you sign up you have to pay up.

That was obvious to me from the start and it surely must have been to legally trained personnel at the DPP. The students that did not complete the course would have received a document showing they had passed. They did not receive this document. All Catron did was to send the documents along with the ones that had passed to receive her money from the fund. She had done her part. Where was the fraud?

was very quick (no I am not using the obvious word) to conclude there was a “fatal flaw” in the charges and ordered the jury to find Catron “Not Guilty”.

Catron believes, too she is being targeted. When I asked her for a quote after this last case she replied:

“I’m very relieved that I can finally put this ordeal behind me. It has been a harrowing 2+ years of my life and this entire situation has negatively impacted me both personally and professionally. The damage can never be repaired but now I have to choose to move forward in a positive manner.

“It’s alarming that in less than 5 years I have been the subject of no less than 5 different battles with the DPP. I’ve never heard of such a thing and any reasonable person would begin to wonder about this. I feel that over the past 5 years I have been targeted for every conceivable wrong doing and it all started when I stood up for myself in relation to the “Precious” alleged dog theft case. I’m not sure if parties feel they have something to prove but I sincerely hope they can now just give me a much needed break.

“I’ve always stood by my innocence and at best this was a contractual dispute taken too far by one party. There was absolutely NO intention to deceive or defraud anyone and that was apparent by the explanatory email sent when the certificates were initially requested. The evidence was clear and supported what I’ve always stated from Day 1.

“The judge has made his decision and instructed the jurors appropriately – now we just need to move forward.”

She is being very, very kind.

I would have been madder than hell and would have said so loud and clear. There is no doubt in my mind if this was the USA there would be lawyers fighting to represent her in a case against the police and the DPP for victimization.

I pray commonsense and someone at the DPP puts their foot down and says we are not going to waste public money on pursuing trivial cases they must know they haven’t a chance in hell of winning. Even if they are pressured from above to do so.

In Catron’s words “now we just need to move forward.”

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