July 5, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Why is it not surprising DART said “No more”?


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Colin WilsonwebDART has come in for almost merciless criticism and downright hatred from politicians, would be ones, activists, groups of concerned citizens and from all quarters of Cayman’s community.

I expect he is praying hard that the United Democratic Party (UDP) will be re-elected in a few weeks time with Captain. McKeeva Bush at the helm to steer the good ship DART on its merry way.

I am not pro DART and I am not against DART. I am not privy to the inner circle of his empire nor even his outer circle. All I know is what is revealed to my eyes and ears. And that is by no means everything.

What I find incredible is that the attack on what DART has done for this Island outweighs any praise.

I ask myself this question? What other developer has produced the many new public areas for the public? What other developer has given back to Cayman’s community the donations, the sponsorships that DART has done?

If it was a Caymanian who had executed the same deal as he has done with the National Roads Authority and Government, would there be this enormous level of protest?

The intense secrecy and the misinformation we received over the NRA/DART did not come from him. They came from the UDP government of one – McKeeva Bush.

It was not remiss of DART keeping quiet. He was not going to shoot himself in the foot and reveal or correct information when it was the Premier of the Cayman Islands who was doing it.

It was not his job to say anything. When a Developer does a deal with government it is protocol for the government to do the talking and explaining. All the developer does is shake hands and smiles.

That DART even sat down and tried to re-negotiate a deal that was giving more away to the new government after he thought he had already an agreed deal with the old one was of some surprise. There had to be a reason, after all he is a businessman and he wants to make money – lots – not give it away.

With ex-premier Bush trying to fool the public and even his own cabinet colleagues that the China Harbour Cruise ship passenger terminal deal was so wonderful when it turned out it wasn’t, perhaps DART could see there was going to be an even angrier backlash by the Cayman public against him if it turned out his deal was of similar ilk.

It has been revealed that the stumbling block for the new concessions DART had agreed to give came to a halt when the question of DART’s cut (believed to be 50%) of all room taxes collected at his hotel(s) for the first ten years wanted to be renegotiated. He would not budge and said that’s it. No more.

Now it is left to us to finally read the PricewaterhouseCoopers review of value for money and agree with them that it is good value, even without the new concessions he was ready to agree to.

I think, if a new government is elected and they are intent on not allowing him to close the West Bay Road and want to re-negotiate they might be in for a nasty shock.

DART could say everything I give is not appreciated so why should I give anything?

It’s NO MORE giving. No one else seems to give anyway.



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