February 25, 2020

The Editor speaks” Why does a joke get more criticism than a direct appeal to obstruct a lawful ceremony? Hypocrisy!!


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Colin Wilson

It just baffles me that 160 people can comment on a joke they considered in poor taste (on the CNS website). However, a directive from an MLA to cause a disturbance by attending uninvited to a same-sex wedding and objecting, passes by with hardly a comment. There is not even a condemnation from a single MLA.

This is despite Premier, Alden McLaughlin, urging people to be act respectfully.

Well, I most certainly condemn what the MLA said. It was no less a person than our Education Minister, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. O’Connor-Connolly was once Speaker of the House and even worse, our Premier.

When the announcement was made that the Chief Justice had legalised same-sex marriages with immediate effect, our Education Minister urged the public to attend, uninvited, to the marriage of Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden, and implied that gay people were evil. She accused Chief Justice Anthony Smellie of “judicial tyranny”.

She labelled the day legalising same-sex marriages, along with other MLA’s, as “Black Friday”. They obviously have no idea what “Black Friday” means. It is the day when retailers go from being in the red (and owing money) to the black (when they are now making a profit) because of the increase in sales.

O’Connor-Connolly even got Black Friday mixed up with “Good Friday” because she also used it again in another speech after it was announced the government were going to appeal the decision. She said “…the legislature had started the “resurrection” after Black Friday.

Now for the poor taste ‘joke’ by MLA, Dwayne Seymour’ where he pretended to ‘accidentally’ say this month is “Gaypril”. Everyone now has jumped on the band wagon, after having laughed at it when it was first said, saying it was in bad taste against our gay community.

MLA Ezzar Miller, using the radio, said in answering a question from a listener that he hadn’t, along with other MLA’s, said anything about the “unpleasant’ joke, because it was the Speaker’s responsibility.

He also had to add that if he had said it, he would have received a reprimand.

He added it was the kind of thing that erodes parliament, and it was important to raise the level and quality of debate and behaviour in the LA.

Oh my goodness. And he is the shining white knight.

Of course, Speaker, McKeeva Bush had to reply to that. He didn’t think it was a problem, as MLA Seymour had only made a “Freudian slip or a slip of the tongue”. He then queried why Miller was trying to make it personal against him and he didn’t know why. However, what Miller said on the radio was “not in keeping with the expected decorum of the House.” He claimed there was nothing wrong with the word “Gay” as it is used in their community. Which it is.

And I remember when the word “gay” only meant “lighthearted” and “carefree”.

So when it suits we can change anything and rise up in anguish and torment screaming out our indignation.

What utter hypocrisy!!

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    Perhaps Seymour should actually ‘see more’. His is elected to do something constructive. Leave the jokes to the speaker after all he is the joker in the pack.

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