February 6, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Why do we give some “stars” the added title of “super”?

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It has always irritated me at the use of the word “super” being added to our “stars” – the human kind. There are the other kind – the ones in outer space – that deserve the word because they are ‘special’. Extraordinary.

However, the word “super” being bandied about to non extraordinary people, mostly entertainers really does irk me. The people that know me well know it doesn’t take much to irk me.

I am oft referred to as “the man who Yells it like it is” or “isn’t” depending upon if you agree with me.

Perhaps I am a super-irk?

When it comes to some athletes like Usain Bolt it is easy to add the word “super’ to them. Bolt really is extraordinary.

The same can apply to some musicians – Johannes Sebastian Bach and Bob Marley are examples.

I can go along with that.


That’s where I have my biggest IRK!

The title ‘Super” to a movie star does not depend on how good an actor you are. It depends upon how much money you can make. How much you are worth at the Box Office.

And unintentionally Jesus Christ has been given that title. And that actually really started the phenomena of a Super Star.

There is even a rose called Super Star.

Super Star was even given to a doll called Barbie.

Even a cabinet maker became a super star (or superstar) – Harrison Ford.

If you are famous, make plenty of money for yourself and the ones that manage and promote you, you are extraordinary and therefore entitled to be called ‘super’.

I have even now heard of “Superstar” art museums. The reason – they attract large numbers of visitors and therefore make money – a rarity for most museums. London’s Tate Gallery is one.

Perhaps the Brac(ers) should take note. They have an infamous artist who sculptures art they deem pornographic. Art that would be quite at home there. Now if the powers that be there could only see that they have an artist who could be dubbed ‘super’ they might make Cayman Brac rich in visitors.

Super Brac. Sounds good to me. And that doesn’t irritate me at all.

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  1. I read tha appreciation for a C’bean journalist this morning and included was this ‘He supported William Strunk’s edict that “A sentence should contain no unnecessary words for the same reason that a machine should have no unnecessary parts.” ‘.

    What irks me is the regular shudder ‘very unique’ ‘most unique’ and the constant use of superlatives for the almost ordinary.

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