July 5, 2020

The Editor speaks: Who is an audiophile?


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The Audiophile

I am.

I have been a lover of high-fidelity sound since I was a teenager – over sixty years ago. I was one of the first persons to buy a quadraphonic amplifier that controlled four speakers, instead of the stereo (two speakers) I had enjoyed. This was a forerunner of the surround sound we have today.

I prefer listening to music through my eight speakers in my house than watching a movie.

I am blessed that I can enjoy nearly every genre of music. I am not so keen on hip-hop/rap, but there is even the off numbers there that I can appreciate.

Today, to an audiophile, it is a very special day – Audiophile Day.

Audiophile Day is celebrated annually on October 2.

This is a day to appreciate audiophiles. These people are enthusiastic – even passionate – about high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) sound/music reproduction. They exist around the world, come from many different backgrounds, have a wide variety of experience levels and interests, and range from young to old.

The values of audiophiles are involved in every stage of music reproduction: the initial recording of the performance, the mastering and production processes, and, of course, the final playback.

A significant number of audiophiles have made contributions to the world as musicians themselves. Many have made contributions in the realms of equipment, processes, and music sources/formats.

The musical tastes of audiophiles are not necessarily limited – in fact, they may be quite eclectic.

Audiophiles, we celebrate you!

SOURCE: https://audiophileday.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/celebrated-annually-on-october-2/


Audiophiles = jobs. Consider it for just a moment.

They buy music, which helps to support those that sell it, as well as the artists, recording engineers, perhaps people at a studio, people involved in producing physical media (vinyl, tape, CD/SACD, etc.), those working at streaming providers, and those working at companies that provide the software programs that many audiophiles use to play their music and manage digital libraries.

Audiophiles buy equipment. A tremendous number of people are involved in bringing speakers, amplifiers, DACs, power conditioners, headphones, tape decks, receivers, turntables, etc. to market. All that equipment requires parts, including the cases that most of those things come in, the connectors, knobs, switches, and all the assorted electronic parts inside.

Audiophiles also tend to buy accessories and room treatments, or sometimes the stuff to make their own. These include cables, interconnects, power cords, noise isolation devices, diffusers, baffles, bass traps, etc. They buy furniture. Cabinets, racks, and stands for equipment are sold, as are chairs and other seating.

Most audiophiles take a DIY approach to their listening space, however, some work with consultants and/or design firms in an effort to achieve the best possible listening experience. Electricians install additional outlets, upgrade wiring and electrical panels, and install dedicated circuits for audiophile systems. Contractors may even be brought in to make improvements such as removing a wall to have a bigger space, angling/sloping walls, installing cable chases/conduits, built-in storage, etc.

Audio shows, some of which are very large, are conducted in several countries. Attendees and vendors, which come from all over the world, require transportation and lodging, as well as food and drink. Display areas at the venues get both set up and broken down, and things are cleaned before and after the show. Equipment is rented (such as those curtain backdrops/dividers), signs and marketing materials are printed, and a huge number of items get shipped to and from the venue.

Let’s not forget the media. Products and music get reviewed, and various aspects of audio are explored and discussed at length in print magazines and online zines, as well as in blogs and forums.

All of these things and more translate to jobs.

Audiophiles deserve appreciation. Their passion for audio helps to support individuals and families around the world.

SOURCE: https://audiophileday.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/jobs/

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