July 7, 2022

The Editor Speaks: When transparency becomes opaque. When it’s the Cruise Berthing Facility!

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“Government is deliberately misinforming the public,” says Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller.

Jumping up and down is Kenneth Bryan, the independent MLA for George Town Central, who noted the lack of transparency. Speaking to CNS, he stated that he believes the public should be told what is going on. He said the silence was an indication that there “was obviously something to hide”.

Obviously, Kenneth? And your conclusion to that statement?

Obviously government is in negotiations with one or two or even three bidders and when that happens of course there is going to be silence. Our Kenneth, though, has not really tasted the real world. One thing we can rely on is Kenneth will not be silent.

What should happen, however, is for government to have a Public Relations Officer who can at least appear government is being transparent even when it is not.

When you are holding a hot potato, or in this case a grenade with a rusty pin, it might be difficult for them to find anyone not only qualified or who actually would want the job.

Miller is right when he said he public should have some idea of what we are getting. He is wrong when he said government is misleading the public. You can’t mislead when you don’t say anything and government’s lips are sealed.

When nothing is said and the longer the silence, rumours will circulate, opposition members will jump on the bandwagon and create misinformation and damaging conjectures.

Silence is therefore very bad.

Government has made a very poor job of showing the need for the cruise ship development and the potential damage to the environment so I will agree with Kenneth here.

“There are far too many rumours circulating about what is or is not happening,’ he told CNS.

When government ignore questions from the Opposition, that is really asking for trouble. Not only is it rude it makes them angry.

They tell the public, and they have, and even the people who have been on government’s side start questioning the project.

I urge government to make an announcement ASAP on what is happening so we don’t have to rely on all these sources close to various media outlets.

My wife, Joan, has a cousin, three times removed, who know one of the cleaners who was in the room where all these closed doors negotiation were taking place. I’ll ask her what she found in the waste paper basket.

I’ll let you know what she found out.


I am always transparent. It gets me into trouble.

I might just try to be opaque.

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