December 2, 2023

The Editor Speaks: When silence is not golden

When it comes to all government bodies silence is their normal way of acting.

However, silence is not always golden because it causes speculation. And speculation is more than often wrong and harmful.

More than often when the true facts emerge we wonder why was the need for the silence?

The latest silent notice involves Cayman Islands MedEvac Ltd. They provide ambulance services to Health City, or did. They have now been served with a “cease and desist” order from the Health Practice Commission who is the regulator for healthcare here in the Cayman Islands.

All healthcare facilities here received a letter saying the commission was going to conduct an investigation into the business. They had found it “necessary”.

Sounds serious.

All enquiries to Health City, The Health Practice Commission and Cayman Islands MedEvac has been met with silence.

On the MedEvac website they say;

“We are locally owned and operated, serves all of Grand Cayman with the utmost in quality medical transportation and innovation with a real commitment to ensuring continuous service improvements. Staffed by highly trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). CI MedEvac team provides the community with pre-hospital emergency care including basic and advanced life support as well as non-emergency medical transportation.”

“Cayman Islands MedEvac employs extraordinary people to provide extraordinary emergency medical services. Our team members include Paramedics, EMTs, EMDs, EMS billing staff and QA & QI support staff.

“Our Team members benefit from the latest EMS technologies, inclusive management practices and remit based advancement opportunities. We recruit, hire and educate, and retain the best of the best.

“We are and must remain innovative and adaptive to our dynamic environment. Our equipment and technology must not only meet the standard, but far exceed it. A example of this is being the first ambulance company in the Caribbean to carry the LUCAS 2 system on our Quick Response Vehicle (QRV).”

It all sounds very good and above board.

Their services offered includes ‘Life Guards” – something that has been very much in the news with all the swimming deaths recently in our waters.

However, when I pressed on the tag up came the message “Coming Soon”.

Hmm… Maybe not. Sshh.. now I’m speculating.

“Silence is golden
But my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden
But my eyes still see” – BOB CREWE, BOB GAUDIO

In this case we don’t see at all.

As Sergeant Schultz said, “I know nothing”.

And there is no gold in ‘nothing’.

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