November 29, 2021

The Editor Speaks: When political parties are so out of touch with their own supporters

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Colin Wilsonweb2We have a lot to learn from the US Republican Party and I hope our politicians are taking note. Especially the ones who belong to a party.

What is happening now in the USA is a lesson none of our leaders should forget.

When you start messing about and trying to find ways to stop your populist man from winning against the majority will of the people who want someone else, no matter how repulsive he might be you will lose.

The way both the Republicans and to a lesser extent the Democrats have acted in Congress has been appalling. Everyone can see the people the people elected are not looking out for the people. They are looking out for their own personal agendas and damn the people who elected them.

Yes, I am repeating words but not just for the sake of repeating them. I am trying to hammer it home. Everyone, no matter how poor or rich, has the same vote and now the elite and their own choice who is running, Marco Rubio, has said they will go to any length to stop the bigoted, foul mouthed, bullying front runner Donald Trump from getting the party’s nomination even if it is the will of the GOP.

Even a Brit like me can see Marco Rubio has the spine of a giraffe and that’s why the party elite wants him and their people don’t.

The stupid speech from losing presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was a disgrace and it is not Donald Trump that is tearing the Republican party apart it is this elitest clique who are running it.

And the people have finally seen it but the elitist hasn’t and will not.

Our own McKeeva Bush who has a similar bullying style as Trump. Even down to the name calling and if one was to take a vote from the Cayman people who is the better leader, Bush or McLaughlin, you might be surprised at the answer.

There is no doubt, no matter how horrible to say it, but Donald Trump is, to me, the only leader in that group that’s left.

The lesson that is hard to learn is you can fool the people most of the time but not all the time.

Trump might be fooling the people but the one thing we do know is he is not going to be manipulated by the elite nor the other self interest groups. And that includes the media. Yet Trump has been able to pour millions of advertising dollars into their pockets. He has stirred up from a normally long and boring campaign that I have never had a bit of interest in to now something I am, even to the extent of writing about in an Editorial.

Trump started the name calling and if now he stops and pretends he is a statesman and lets the others shoot themselves in the foot he will win easily. No matter how many stunts and advertising dollars the party elite put out. He might still win even if he does continue it. And that will show the party elite how their own supporters are fed up with their manipulations and self interest. The people want their elected officials to be their voice and not forget about them the day after the election.

I hope our elected officials will take note.

When political parties are so out of touch with their own supporters they might just elect Satan. And he comes in many disguises.

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