December 3, 2021

The Editor Speaks: When a mother and father kiss their child on the lips grows a mountain of complaints

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Colin Wilsonweb2I will finish the sentence.

When a mother and father kiss their child on the lips grows a mountain of complaints, THE WORLD IS SICK!

On Tuesday I saw a beautiful photograph of Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter Harper that was an absolute image of love in this hate field world and made me feel warm and happy.

This was after I had just published two terrible stories one, involving a baby and her mother – both dead = and it appeared the mother had killed her baby and then herself; the second story was the brutal murder of a three year old by chopping. The baby had been snatched by someone whilst asleep after being left alone by the mother and her boyfriend who were allegedly seen at a party.

There was more horror in social media at Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter Harper than any at the two real horror stories. Victoria Beckham did an even more horrific thing in certain people’s eyes. SHE KISSED HER DAUGHTER FULLY ON THE LIPS!!!!

The article that appeared on the BBC website under the title “How controversial is it to kiss your child on the lips?”

The story says:

‘”Beautiful picture! Shows the love between mother and daughter,” posts another, echoing the sentiments of most people.

“But a quick glance at the comments beneath Victoria Beckham’s Instagram post indicates that not everyone sees it the same way. “It’s nice but you’re not supposed to kiss you’re children on the lips. I’m not trying to be rude but it’s true,” comments one detractor. Another wrote: “Not a fan of kissing my kids on the lips. That’s just me.”

“While these comments, and others like them, stop short of full-on criticism of the fashion designer’s actions, they express a vague sense of unease about the image – an unease that has, in turn, caused consternation among others.

BBC Trending consulted the social etiquette expert, Liz Brewer. She believes that while kissing a son or daughter on the lips is an unusual practice it should still be a parent’s choice as to whether they consider it appropriate or not.

“Normally with a member of your family you don’t kiss on the lips unless it’s your husband,” she said. “With children, I wouldn’t have thought it’s a particularly good habit to get into but it’s her child and she’s at liberty to do what she thinks is best.”

“I would be uncomfortable doing that and I think most people would be. If she feels it’s appropriate, so be it. I wouldn’t say it sets a particularly good example.”

“It’s an issue which has caused discomfort before.”I find it a bit icky,” says one contributor on a Mumsnet discussion thread. “It’s only weird if you use tongues,” responds another.”


I underscored and placed the bold type in the above.

Others users said the picture was “disgusting” and said the two “seem like lesbians”.

Last year, child psychologist Dr Charlotte Reznick said it was wrong for a parent to kiss a child on the lips at any age.

‘If you start kissing your kids on the lips, when do you stop?’ she asked. ‘As a child gets to four or five or six and their sexual awareness develops, the kiss on the lips can be stimulating to them.’

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And one wonders now why children don’t respect their parents?

Jesus Christ would have been arrested for asking the little children to come to him and be placed on his knee. Santa Claus will soon have to stop doing the same thing and he will only be allowed to chat to them whilst they sit on a chair OPPOSITE him.

“Cheryl – a midwife from Swindon who also kisses her two younger children, Ella, eight, and Kaydon, seven, on the mouth – is unrepentant at her behaviour. In fact, she is furious at the insinuation there is anything untoward about her kissing her teenage son.

“’It is ridiculous and pathetic that people are making out this is something sexual,’ she says. ‘I don’t care what people think. I will never stop kissing Jordan on the lips and he will never stop kissing me either.’

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Well said Cheryl. There is still some sense and real love left in this SICK world. Amen

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