January 31, 2023

The Editor Speaks: We were FIVE and we missed the celebration

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Colin Wilsonweb2Time flies when you’re having fun and time gallops by the older you get. Add the two together and it is no wonder I missed an important date.

iNews Cayman or the ieyenews as we have more commonly been called was FIVE years of age on Sunday 1st May.

That, unfortunately, was the same day as our Publisher’s accident and the anniversary had nothing to do with the incident.

The day, like our wedding anniversary, passed us both by.

But in the media world to get past five years is a big accomplishment. In fact in any business five years is a milestone.

“A new business venture is like a new marriage: it’s really exciting and fun; then it’s a lot of work and fun. Then it’s a lot of work and not so fun; and then it’s just a ton of work mired with headache after headache and you are learning way too many hard-earned lessons and wondering how you got here. But if you can survive the first two to three years, you will likely make it for the long haul and reap the rewards, which are bountiful.” From The Self Employed.

We didn’t last the first year in a print edition and our web site was hit viciously for three years by every known hacker, virus, Uncle Tom Cobbley and the rest. We were more down than up and at one time if you put www.ieyenews.com into the Google search engine it took you to a website advertising medical aids. If you bought anything on that site you got nothing in return!

It was most certainly a learning exercise Publisher Joan, Manager Colleen, and myself could have done without.

And we have some exciting plans for ieyenews in the future. Obviously I can’t say what they are but we are like the sleeping lion. Once awakened we roar.

Thank you all our readers for your loyal support and the encouragement you have given us over the mostly very difficult former years.

We are definitely now looking forward to celebrating our TENTH birthday and we will do that one in style.

The Lion won’t sleep through that one.

Give me (another) FIVE!

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