April 9, 2020

The Editor speaks: We ran out


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Colin Wilson

“A regrettable time lag between the depletion of the previous product and the arrival of the new product has meant that aerial spraying will be unavailable to us for up to a week-and-a-half. We understand any concerns the public may have, and in addition to increasing ground spraying during this period are working to land the product on Island as quickly as possible”, MRCU Director Dr. Jim McNelly, says.

The unavailability of the product has been a lot longer than the week and a half that Dr. McNelly has led us to believe and if it hadn’t been for North Side MLA, Ezzard Miller’s concerns he raised we probably wouldn’t have learnt what the problem was.

Miller, is calling on the Government to immediately remedy the serious mosquito infestation plaguing the district of North Side.

“In North Side the mosquitoes have not been this thick since the 1960s,” Mr. Miller said. “In areas residents cannot go outside even in the middle of the day and school children cannot play on the field unless they are covered in bug spray. This is terrible and unacceptable in modern day Cayman.”

Yes, it is unacceptable.

How could the MRCU run out of the chemicals they needed?

Why did they run out and when exactly was it?

Who is to blame?

Was it money or did someone forget?

We won’t know, of course so there is already the possibilty it will happen again.

I was talking to some tourists last night who have been coming here for years and they told me they have never accounted so many mosquitoes.

I have to also call into question McNelly’s statement “the four fogging trucks have been out around the Island each night since the MRCU plane last sprayed on Friday, 7 June 2019.”

I haven’t seen one of them and Miller said he hasn’t seen one of them in North Side for weeks.

“My inquires indicate that MRCU has no chemicals to spray for mosquitoes and no larvicide to treat the larvae in the water before the mosquitoes hatch,” Miller said, “There can be no excuses since the Government has the money—we were informed in Finance Committee last Friday (June 7) that the Government has $66 million in surplus funds.”

Miller also said he could neither “accept excuses from the Minister and MRCU for not having the chemicals in stock. Such incompetence at all levels cannot and should not be tolerated by Caymanians.”

Well said.

I would, however, add “and by tourists”. That might carry more weight.

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