May 22, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Turkeys and scumbags

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Colin WilsonwebI hope you all had a typically Merry Christmas and remembered whose day we were celebrating – Jesus Christ.

Did you all eat the traditional turkey dinner? We did at our house and it was scrumptious.

However, some of our Jamaican friends do not eat turkey. They will eat chicken but not turkey.

One comment drew much amusement when I inquired, “why won’t you eat turkey?”

“Nothing that ugly can be good to eat!” was the reply.

When I retorted back, “You joke but I talk turkey,” they laughed but I could see they didn’t know what I meant.

A turkey might be ugly but to “talk turkey” means:

Speak plainly, get to the point, as in Don’t call me until you’re ready to talk turkey. This expression allegedly comes from a tale about an Indian and a white man who hunted together and divided the game. When the white man said, “I’ll take the turkey and you the buzzard, or you take the buzzard and I the turkey,” the Indian replied, “Talk turkey to me.” Whether or not this tale had a true basis, the term was recorded in its present meaning by about 1840.


And I am going to talk turkey as much as I can again in 2015, God be willing.

Not waiting for 2015 I am going to highlight those scumbags living in our country who robbed our beloved marathon man Derek Haines just before Christmas at his home in South Sound in an afternoon splurge that saw two other homes robbed as well.

Actually calling these low lives scumbags is actually too good a definition.

That others here know exactly who these vermin are within our society and do nothing to notify the police says a lot about them too.

They are tainted with the same brush and stink.

Rotten to the core.

And in Pompano Beach, Fla, USA a 62 year old man suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease had his motorized wheelchair stolen from outside his home last Monday (22). The owner, Michael Vavosa, hopes the thief will have a change of heart, step up and return his chair. “That’s all I ask. That’s all I want,” he said.

Unfortunately there are many such stories.

To balance these soulless rats of humanity we have the Derek Haines – the givers.

As for turkeys – they are shy.

Gobble. Gobble.

I love them.

Scumbags. Crawl back to your cesspits and stay there ……. or come out and learn what Christmas is really about. LOVE!

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