December 3, 2022

The Editor Speaks: There was little good nature in Progressives motorcade clash.

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The Progressives put on a very Impressive motorcade last Saturday (20) that started at West Bay and went around Grand Cayman and finished up in Savannah in the backyard of one of the Progressives candidates, Heather Bodden.

There were very nearly 300 cars in the motorcade and it was a spectacular sight. For most of the time the cars were met with passing vehicles blowing their horns in support and spectators waving.

Unfortunately there was one very disturbing incident and despite a news report that it was “largely good natured” it was mostly the opposite.

Independent candidate, “John John” Seymour, who is running against the Progressives’ Osbourne Bodden, was having a “fun day” for his supporters at Coe Wood Beach, Bodden Town. On the return journey back to Bodden Town the motorcade was stopped by a large number of “John John” Seymour’s supporters and Seymour must have known about it, if not encouraged it. He most certainly did not discourage it.

Not only did the motorcade get stopped, Seymour’s supporters banged on the cars in the motorcade, they spat on the vehicles and I was told some supporters even stuffed fingers down their throats and vomited against some of the cars.

One of the drivers who took part in the motorcade said she was “very frightened”.

When Osbourne Bodden took to the stage in Heather Bodden’s backyard he could barely talk at first he was so angry and upset at the incident.

In the 35 years I have been here in the Cayman Islands  I have never heard or seen anything like this happening. Bodden said exactly the same.

With the integrity of some of the members of the Progressives being put to question by their opponents it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

Many of the speakers on the stage echoed this. Never before have I heard candidates in an election slam their opponents accusing them of totally unlikely acts. Yes, it might be desperation on their part but it is no excuse.

With a “Talent Show” being put on at The Lions Centre to actually show off Dr. Steve Tomlinson’s “Independent” candidates and a One Person, One Vote, the times here are definitely a-changing.

There is certainly no “good nature” that seemed to be evident at the Elmslie Memorial Church a few Sundays ago, since then. The message given out there to behave as Jesus showed you has been forgotten by most. I wonder how many even opened up the bibles they were all given?

With just two days to go things unfortunately may get worse.

Afterthought: I have just heard on CITN/Cayman27 news this evening when the above motorcade incident was reported that “John John” Seymour made only this comment: “It’s just politics”. If this is what he believes politics is, it really is sickening.

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