May 6, 2021

The Editor Speaks: The words “I Love You”

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Colin Wilsonweb2On Sunday (30) Elmslie United Church are celebrating a musical evening of praise and worship called “Summer Praise” starting at 7pm.

With all the seeming “hate” that is going on in the world and even here in Cayman I urge you to come out, listen and watch LOVE performed before your eyes.

Choirs from churches all over Grand Cayman have been invited and I believe this is the third year the event has been held there. I have been in the congregation for the first two. This year I will be performing.

I especially invite every one of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society board to be there – a society that will not associate itself with anything religious because of political correctness even if the religious group or person is trying to raise funds for them. This also applies to people who are battling cancer themselves.

I was very sad at the small response to the article that we ran on iNews this week and the Editorial I wrote on the same subject.

If I had written one about hate I expect t would have obtained more response…..?

So, I am not expecting anything from this. I used the word “love”.

I do love everybody, even those who despise me. I may not love what they say or what they do, but even in the worst possible scumbag there is still a piece of love lurking somewhere in that infestation of a mind, even if it is loving the terrible things he or she is perpetrating.

However, if you read the social media from these persons who commit these senseless and horrendous crimes all that comes from their mouths and pens is hate and they justify their hate because no one showed them love.

That is why I love everyone and try to show this love. It is difficult and I fall down on it many times.

When you read my Editorials you might not see any love there but it is because I have this love and want to make a loving place I will speak out about what I consider is wrong. I am not always right. I may not think you are right. I share your right and love to listen to your opinion.

Some years ago the singer/song writer Chris De Burgh (writer of The Woman In Red) wrote a song called “The Words ‘I Love You’”. I was privileged to hear him perform it live at a concert in Scotland. The audience went absolutely wild after they heard it. So much so he had to perform it again. It was one of those rare moments when the song touched everyone present. It was an experience I will never forget. We all rose in our seats as one and clapped and cheered.

I bought a copy of the song and you can easily download it from Youtube at no cost. I urge you to.

The song is about a father and a son and how the simple things that come between them. “… when they try to talk, the knives are out before they have begun”.

If you are a parent of a son or daughter you can identify with that I’m sure.

Then the next verse is one that should be shouted from every rooftop not just here but the whole world:

‘Well that was me, and I have seen the light that shines for eternity,
Because I learned to say the words “I love you”’.

I said I was performing this year but not on my own. I am not a good singer – average I would say. In fact none of the people I am singing with are good singers. We are not a choir. We are a group of men who upon hearing this Chris De Burgh song wanted to learn and sing it. We call ourselves ‘The Men’s Fellowship Group”.

I sent the song to various church choirs here urging them to learn and sing it but surprisingly no one has taken up my offer. Not even the youth at my own church took it on. And they have some very good singers.

However, this is good because although we men are not a choir, we have no conductor, no great lead voice singer, but we have the best of all – passion. We are all passionate about this song and its message and we will perform it as such.

EVERONE must learn to say the words “I LOVE YOU”.

So come with me, and you will see the light that shines for eternity,
Be strong and learn to say the words “I love you,”
Be strong and learn to say the words “I love you,” the words “I love you,”
The words “I love you,” the words “I love you.”

PS: Summer Praise. Elmslie United Church, Harbour Drive, George Town. Starts at 7PM.

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  1. I “love” this editorial and wish I could have been there. So, how was the men’s group?

  2. Anson Autry Foster says

    I enjoyed the rendition of the song at Elmslie Summer Praise on Sunday night 30th. Good job.

    • Thank you Autry. It is a beautiful catchy song with poignant lyrics. I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I will inform the rest of the men.

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