June 21, 2021

The Editor Speaks: The Power of the Real Caymanian (and I am Cross)

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colin-wilsonweb2The “Power of the Cross” is a beautiful modern day Christian song and I shouldn’t play around with the title except I am very cross and there is no doubt there is power being played out as the attached pictures show.

I am again talking about the Ticket Office with Trellis, Restroom Facility, Storage Building, Tour Operator Sales Area and Mobile Food Truck Staging Area that businessman Kel Thompson has erected on the George Town waterfront opposite “The Waterfront Centre”. Not that you can see The Waterfront because of the monstrosity that has been erected there.

If you read our story we published on October 4th “Local businessman’s waterfront ticket office “eyesore” will have to be removed” (see http://www.ieyenews.com/wordpress/local-businessmans-waterfront-ticket-office-eyesore-will-have-to-be-removed/) you will know the main objector to the “eyesore” is adjoining owner and Accountant Christopher (Chris Johnson). The Cayman Islands Appeals Board ruled in his favour.

Not that that has made any difference to Mr Thompson who (see attached images) has continued with the project.

And what has the Central Planning Authority (CPA) done to stop the work? It would appear to be absolutely nothing.

They gave permission for the building even against the law of the Cayman Islands that cannot be overruled. Not that it worried them.

A letter written by Mr Thompson’s mother to the Cayman Compass suggested that true born Caymanians could do what they liked and the paper variety (like Mr Johnson) should be subservient and grateful enough to be allowed here so “shut up”.

It would appear Mrs Thompson is right because when Mr Johnson erected a 4ft high temporary chain link fence to stop the building materials from the eyesore overflowing onto his property he was within hours told to remove the fence as he had to have planning permission.

So what is the power that Mr Thompson wields that the CPA can allow him to continue?

It can only be the Power of the True [born] Caymanian and that makes me Cross! Very Cross!

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    As of today Mr Thompson continues his project in spite of the Appeals Tribunal unanimously determining that the CPA board was wrong in its decision. Island Paving is doing the car park which was built illegally as the CPA board has no powers to vary the setback. Moreover the project is at variance with the setbacks from both the road and the sea. In addition no permission was granted by the adjoining land owners to build within six feet of their property line.
    The whole project was approved and, a variance of the permission at a time when I was denied access to a proper hearing. You can guess who did the roofing and guttering! On the other hand I build a 3 ‘ boundary fence all permitted by law and instructed to remove it.

    Both the NRA and DOE were against the development and their objections were ignored. You may understand why a certain lawyer resigned by the board leaving only those in construction to serve. Cayman likes to brag of its transparency but this unmitigated fiasco goes very much against the grain.

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