July 11, 2020

The Editor Speaks: The “Over-Throwers cry “Foul”


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Colin Wilsonweb2“It is ironic that those who have created the current instability in government, either by crossing the floor or inveigling others to do so, now fear the outcome of the democratic process of elections. They must ask themselves why”.

Those are not my words but those of Premier Alden McLaughlin in response to a letter the five Independent MlA’s sent to the , HE Ms. over their concerns Premier Alden McLaughlin may call an early election. Please see iNews Cayman story published January 31, 2016 “5 Cayman Islands Independent MLAs concerned about early election call”.

“It is with some trepidation that we the undersigned Independent Members of the Legislative Assembly feel compelled to write to you regarding recent news reports that the Honourable Premier Alden McLaughlin has expressed that there is the possibility of an early election being called. We have also had representations from a number of citizens of this country regarding their concerns vis-a-vis the possible social and economic ramifications of such an event, including its impact on the One Person, One Vote electoral system set for May 2017.”

This is the start of their letter – “It is with some trepidation…”.

McLaughlin is absolutely right. The actions of the three “Over-Throwers” Messrs. , Alva Suckoo and were ill-conceived and were not as they tried to make out so they could represent their constituents better.

They were thinking of their own positions, especially Connolly who was a first time MLA and won his election under the banner of the Progressives.

I am against same-sex marriages too but you don’t leave a party when things get tough. I don’t agree with lots of things at the church I attend but it doesn’t stop me going there and working for the good of God.

The actions of the three, and I have to unfortunately include Anthony Eden have most definitely brought instability to a government that had up until now been mainly a success when compared with the last one we had to endure.

And the UDP team stood loyal to their leader right up until the bitter end when the house of cards was falling around him.

There was no house of cards falling around the current government leader until Eden left and shamefully the two babes followed crying to their daddy.

Now the government with hardly a majority cannot pursue the very things they were elected to do

The sour grapes from Connolly because he couldn’t get the government to go along with his suggestions.

“I’m not going to play ball unless you give me the bat.”

Now they call “FOUL” because the only recourse for a stable government is to have a solid majority they once had. And to do that, they might have to ask the people for help.

McLaughlin is not a lover of the One Man One Vote but he went along with the majority because it was what was in the Party’s manifesto and he was outvoted. He didn’t pick up his bat and ball and go to play somewhere else. He knew he would be on his own if he did.

So they have actually done McLaughlin a favour and if he does call an early election it is their own damn fault.

The foul was committed by them in the first place.

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