July 1, 2022

The Editor Speaks: The National Security Council

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What does the Cayman Islands National Security Council actually do?

It has no claws, no clout, and is just there to advise. It is therefore totally insignificant.

So what is its purpose?

It is chaired by the Cayman Islands Governor who in turn is expected to act in accordance with the advice of the National Security Council on policy matters.

As it hardly ever meets, the advice it gives is pointless. Since the election last May it has met once. We won’t know what was said, decided, or left for another time because everything that goes on there is secret.

Now with our criminals brandishing weapons, mainly guns, firing at police, and killing people on our streets security is what we want.

MLA Ezzard Miller said it best when he spoke to CNS who reported ‘“in the wake of a police shoot-out with robbers at the weekend, that he was extremely troubled by the increasing reports of criminals taking on the police. He said that this was “a notch too high for me” because he believed it was an indication that the criminals had no fear of law enforcement and that government needed a strategy to deal with the escalation.’

His answer is to form a select committee and he complained about the Premier’s seemingly lack of urgency.

I cannot understand how his select committee is going to do much more than the National Security Council has. If it has no powers, just advice, it is just another committee.

All talk and no do achieves nothing.

And something has to be done.

And what is that something?

“Crime has existed as long as humans and will only become extinct with us. Why? Because offending and violating laws is defined as crime, and laws are created by man. No one can deny that technology has elevated crime rates and has even given birth to a variety of new crimes, but has it not done enough to solve them?” – The Essay Blog

Poverty is the principal cause of all crime. If you find the issues you might find the answers. Add in drugs and alcohol and mix it all together and you have a recipe for violence.

No amount of committees will solve anything if you don’t place the right members on it. And who is going to choose these members?

We will be back to the The National Security Council. It hides behind its secrecy. So secret we can’t actually see it does anything at all.

The only difference with Miller’s is we might get a recommendation, or two? And who will act on those?

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