September 27, 2022

The Editor Speaks: The Kiss of Death?

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I was at the Progressives Newlands/Savannah rally last night (8) as I live in Newlands and wanted to hear if there was anything new they had to say.

This is the second so called ‘backyard’ one I have been to and was much bigger than the first. I really couldn’t avoid that first one as it was right outside my front door!

This second one was in the yard of Mary Bodden’s home on Hirst Road where one of the candidates, former MLA Heather Bodden, grew up. Heather was one of the main speakers along with Minister Wayne Panton. He appeared last and spoke the longest time giving everyone a background and the true news (instead of the fake news) to a lot of the more controversial decisions their opponents were hammering them for.

Other speakers were Maxine Bodden Robinson and Minister Osbourne Bodden who also acted as MC.

I have never experienced Osbourne in that role and have to say he was excellent. He got the crowd fired up, especially as it was a very long meeting. Starting just after 7:30pm and finishing at 10:30pm.

It was notable that very few people left before it finished.

The surprise speaker who was not previously announced, was the Grandfather of the party Kurt Tibbetts. He got a roar of applause. And car horns sounding. It is a great pity he is not running but I understand his reasons. He deserves his retirement.

It was Kurt who gave a sobering warning to the attendees. He said don’t be fooled by the Independent banner they are all flying under. Most were under the wing of one man – he did not say who. Kurt then pointed to the previous announcement of Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush, who had endorsed several independent candidates. Kurt said not one of those people named have publicly said they did not want his endorsement. He asked why?

It was only a few years ago any endorsement by McKeeva would have been the kiss of death but not now.

I ask why?

Is power that important to them? Where is the ‘wisdom’ I spoke about in my Editorial yesterday? Where is ‘righteousness’?

Kurt did not name the “independents” but I will. The ones McKeeva announced are: Alva Suckoo, Austin Harris, Kenneth Bryan, Jay Ebanks, Isaac Rankine and Anthony Eden. And I am betting there are or will be others.

Anthony Eden! Wow! And Anthony has said nothing. Do I start playing Bob Seger’s somg “The Famous Final Scene”?

I am much saddened. I am much worried.

When one looks back on the utter mess this country was in just four years ago and one looks at it now…..

Where is your wisdom? Use it. Do not trust anyone under the Independent banner.

I pray The Kiss of Death doesn’t land on the wrong people. This beautiful country does not deserve it. You all have been warned. You make the decision. If your decision at the polls is wrong The Kiss of Death will affect you, too.

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