October 30, 2020

The Editor speaks: The guiding star


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I hope all non-believers in the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus will not immediately stop reading. What I have to tell you is 100% TRUE!

Today (Jan 6) is the Feast of The Epiphany. It is a Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi – commonly portrayed as the three wise men from the East. The wise men followed a star that guided them to the home where Jesus lay just after He was born.

On the eve of the Epiphany here on Grand Cayman (so in many countries this would have occurred actually on Jan 6) an elderly lady decided to drive down the road just a few minutes away from her home to get a Pizza. She was new to the area so was unfamiliar with the layout. However, she had once visited the Pizza establishment during the day and had an idea where it was located.

Of course, everything looks different at night.

The Pizza establishment was actually across a very busy road that she had to manouvre. She did this successfully and ordered the pizza and waited for it to cook. It only took a few minutes.

After paying for it the elderly lady went back to her car and it was then she got totally confused.

What direction did she have to go and how was she to get back onto the road that would take her home?

Somehow she had to get across this busy main road and the traffic was heavy.

She started off but soon realised she had taken the wrong turn and was going in the wrong direction. She reversed and proceeded driving west now instead of east. Unfortunately she was on a dual carriageway and driving into the oncoming cars!

The cars were flashing their lights and hooting so she stopped in the road as there was nowhere to pull over and off the carriageway. The oncoming cars still honked and flashed as they angrily sped past narrowly avoiding her car.

She was petrified and more confused but she tried to proceed again when the traffic had finally gone past. Before she could turn around another set of traffic approached flashing and honking so she stopped again. This time an approaching car stopped with the male driver and his female passenger.

The driver got out and waved the traffic to stop which he managed. In the meantime the passenger asked the lady where she wanted to go. She got into the car and told the lady she would guide her.

Informing the man, who was her husband, the lady was now able to turn her car around. With her husband following in his car the lady was guided safely home by these two complete strangers.

They were her guiding star and what could have been a fatal accident was avoided.

As I said. Everything I have just written is 100% true.

Happy Epiphany.

I pray you too will find a guiding star in 2016 when you get lost and confused.

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