December 3, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Tempura revelations can be likened to damp fireworks

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Colin Wilsonweb2So now we know – or the majority of it – the Tempura equivalent of Pandora’s Box has finally been released. Parts of it have been redacted because of the supposed investigation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service into the antics of the Chief tempura Investigating Officer, Martin Bridger.

Ironically, it is Martin Bridger who originally made the Complaint that instigated the Tempura documents to be made public along with Martin Polaine, who was Bridger’s legal advisor. Polaine soon after withdraw his part in the Complaint that was made to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in June 2010. It was his advice that got Grand Court Judge, Justice Alex Henderson, arrested. Henderson received compensation of over 1.5 US$ in compensation.

Former governor Duncan Taylor ordered the Report that sparked all the legal battles to have it suppressed following the Complaint, and this was executed by Benjamin Aina, QC.

So we now have in the Public Domain the original complaint, Taylor’s written response to the Aina Report and two letters from Chief Justice Anthony Smellie to Taylor.

With over 150 pages to wade through I sat down full of excitement and expectations waiting for my socks to blown off by the fireworks.

My socks didn’t move and the fireworks never went off.

Our presiding governor, Helen Kilpatrick, who had also followed Taylor’s lead in fighting two Information Commissioners’ rulings to have the documents released still believes “it is not in the public interest to publish either a complaint that was found to consist entirely of false allegations or Governor Taylor’s response which discussed and dismissed those defamatory allegations, she accepts the Information Commissioner’s latest ruling.”

The original Freedom of Information request was made in February 2012 by John Evans, an Englishman who worked as a journalist for the late Desmond Seales’ newspaper Cayman Net News and is the man who can be likened to Guido Fawkes, except Evans finally has (almost) blown up House!

You can read Evans’ response to his win filed under iNews Cayman’s story published April 1 2016 “Freedom of Information – Statement from the Cayman Islands Governor’s Office/Reply from John Evans” at:
The date April 1st is apt as most of us were fooled into believing we were going to read something that would shock, divide and conquer us in lawsuits for years to come.

The cost of all of this to the public purse is where the lawsuit should come. We want our money back from all those who were involved in Operation Tempura, et al.

Sorry John, I want your tie in lieu of payment. The one with a “jumping jack” firework on it.

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