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The Editor Speaks: Super Bowl – never give up

Even if you are not a sports fan re NFL – and you don’t support the two teams, New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, when it comes to Super Bowl the majority of us will watch it.

Since arriving here in the Cayman Islands 35 years ago I don’t believe I have missed a Super Bowl even if I hadn’t watched one NFL game throughout the whole season.

I did become a supporter of the Miami Dolphins but that died when they “died” so I was not a die hard supporter.

The highlight was always the Half Time Show and I would call my wife to watch it.

This year, however, I had to accompany my wife, Joan, to church but thought I still would be able to get back to watch the half time show and the second half. I was not at all interested in who won and I had gone right off Tom Brady so going to church was not a difficult decision.

Alas, when I returned home the Half Time Show had just finished and Brady’s team were losing 28 -3 with little over a quarter to play. Joan had gone to bed so I decided to watch Atlanta finish off New England. The game was all but over and Brady was having an off game.

Then I watched a come back. Brady was not going down without a fight. And he now became a tiger. When the chips were down he was not going to lay down with them. And that was the difference between the two teams. When New England fought back Atlanta went to pieces. They made mistakes and they had plenty of opportunities to have won the game but mentally they were knocked out.

It reminded me of Mike Tyson who mentally could not fight Lennox Lewis. He was scared of him, even though Lewis had a glass jaw. Lewis, though, had a harder punch than Tyson, so Tyson did everything to avoid the meeting. He didn’t like to get hurt.

They did finally meet and it was a walk over for Lewis.

This is an example to all of us. Your head can make or break you. And that was the part of the message at the church service. Put your trust in God even when everything looks bleak and dire. Never give up.

And back to the Half Time Show that I missed. I was able to watch a replay of it this morning.

Lady GaGa is not my favorite performer but she was as brilliant last night as Michael Jackson was when he performed at Super Bowl. And GaGa did not give up. For years she couldn’t get a recording contract but that did not stop her persevering.

Now I have to wait another twelve months for another Super Bowl. Can Super Bowl 51 ever be beaten as the greatest comeback in history? Of course it can.

If you don’t give up


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