October 27, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Suicide


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Colin Wilsonweb2Suicide is a tragic event with strong emotional repercussions for its survivors and for families of its victims. More than 36,000 people in the U.S. kill themselves every year, according to a 2010 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although most federally-funded suicide prevention programs focus on helping teenagers, recent years have seen a spike in rates among middle-aged people. Men seem to be especially at risk, and have nearly four times the suicide rate as women. There are also major disparities amongst ethnic and racial groups, with American Indian and Alaskan Natives being the highest risk groups.

On Sunday (29) evening I received a call that my godson (40 years old) had died in Sweden. He had committed suicide by placing a plastic bag over his head filled with crystals and tied around his neck. He had left notes that included his wife and his psychiatrist. His death was due to chronic depression associated with his job.

Not even a psychiatrist could save him. His younger brother told me his elder brother had to have been very, very sick to commit such an act.

Both Joan and I knew the deceased very well. He had stayed with Joan and myself for over six months fifteen years ago when he had worked at CITN/Cayman27 to obtain work skills. He was bright, happy with an outgoing personality, and easy to make friends.

He was nowhere then a candidate for suicide.

Only a few weeks ago a family I know very well here in Cayman suffered a loss to suicide due to a marital problem.

Work and marriage. Something the majority of us are very familiar with. When things get very, very tough do we contemplate suicide? If we do the vast majority of us do not because we are not ill. Not yet.

With my godson’s case, the family are asking the question why did he do it? What was it that was so bad only death could provide the release from his mental suffering?

I am no expert. I can only tell you the pain and anguish I am suffering over it is terrible. How much worse must the immediate family be feeling?

A friend of mine here. , is a member of The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). They are holding their 2nd Caribbean Regional Symposium. The overall theme is “Protecting our Youth: Suicide Prevention in the Caribbean Region”. The venue is the Westin Hotel, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. It runs from December 3rd – 5th.


Prevention of suicide and suicidal behaviour
Bullying and suicidal behaviour
Self harm and suicidal behaviour
Child physical and sexual abuse and suicidal behaviour
Factors influencing suicidal behaviour in specific countries
Life events and suicidal behaviour
Media, Culture and Identity
The influence – positive and negative – of Cyberspace and social media on suicidal behaviour


Epidemiology of suicidal behaviour
Youth suicide
Culture, Religion and Suicidal behaviour
Risk and protective factors in suicidal behaviour
The law and suicidal behaviour (Suicide as criminal behaviour)
Substance use, abuse and suicidal behaviour
Toxicology – its importance in managing suicidal behaviour
Controlling access to means in Pesticide suicide.
Postvention and its importance for survivors
Counselling and psychotherapy as tools for prevention, intervention and postvention
The efficacy of therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy(DBT), Family therapy, , Music therapy and other adjunctive management therapies/techniques in prevention, intervention and postvention.

Registration Fees
Please Select
2-1/2 $ 250.00 USD
2 Days Symposium on
Protection of our Youth $ 200.00 USD
1/2 Day Symposium on
Pesticides and Suicide $ 50.00 USD
1 Day Post Conference Workshop $ 100.00 USD

For more details go to: https://www.iasp.info/cayman/index.php

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