December 4, 2022

The Editor speaks: Starfish will get their toilet

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Actually Starfish Point in Cayman Kai, North Side, will get a toilet.

Colin Wilson

Despite objections from some local residents, dubbed ‘wealthy’ by North Side MLA Ezzard Miller, the Central Planning Authority (CPA) has approved an application by government to install public restrooms and a parking area.

The objections raised by these wealthy owners of property near Starfish Point had claimed there were restrictive covenants on the land and they didn’t want nuisance, trespassing and environmental degradation from the less wealthy public who have used the area for years.

Not only were the objectors to the toilet but they had also wanted to erect an electronically controlled gate in the area.

They hadn’t reckoned on Mr. Miller.

Whether one agrees or not agarees with our North Side MLA all the time one thing is certain. He researches and reads thoroughly, especially if Government is involved.

He was able to tell the CPA members that the Starfish Point land in question belonged to the Crown and that means covenants do not apply and government has a right to designate a public beach and provide the necessary facilities!

So there!

Miller said to the CPA Board, “If these owners were objecting to non-policy matters, such as the architectural features of the facility, this would become the purview of the CPA and I would be happy to entertain their suggestions for improvements.”

“However,” he continued, “these wealthy guests, whom the Cayman Islands has afforded the opportunity and the privilege of living and developing property in North Side, have taken a stance that propels the construction of a much-needed public facility into a them-against-us situation. The strategy is to restrict access by subjecting persons not resident in the area to the indignity of searches, while landowners enjoy free electronic access. This is the third time around for this electronic gate proposal and I assure you that this will not happen on my watch.

“That would be particularly unfortunate and hurtful, as the people of North Side have welcomed the development of Cayman Kai and have worked hard over the years in playing their part in the success that this development enjoys today,”

“The beaches have also traditionally been used by the general public, especially during public and other holidays. Sadly, a new crop of owners over the past decade, in particular, have been moving to erode and eliminate the use and access by North Siders and the wider community to the Cayman Kai area,” he added.

Despite all the letters of objection that included the major landowner in the area, Kaimera Ltd the CPA thankfully agreed with Miller.

Starfish will get their toilet and other amenities.

Now I’m fishing for compliments from them starry eyed.

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