September 20, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Shocking revelations during Bush trial


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Colin WilsonwebI was astounded to learn of the contents of emails from former Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor read to the Grand Court at the ongoing trial of ex-premier McKeeva Bush who is accused of 11 counts of abusing his government credit card by withdrawing cash in casinos to gamble between July 2009 and April 2010.

In a cross examination of Deputy Governor Franz Manderson on Tuesday (23) by Bush’s attorney, Geoffrey Cox QC, emails from to a Foreign and Commonwealth Office () official in London were revealed that could be interpreted as an orchestration by Taylor in a conspiracy against the former premier.

The emails showed the extent of Taylor’s involvement, who seemed eager to oust Bush from office, to actually direct his arrest and the subsequent charges issued against him, and to influence the public and his fellow to ensure he would not be re-elected by charging him before the May 2013 election.

Bush had always maintained there was a conspiracy against him and the emails showed that Taylor was aware that caution was needed in order not to play into the hands of Bush’s claims.

Taylor even said there was a need to orchestrate media articles in the United Kingdom so as to impact Cayman and its financial sector.

Another email from Taylor said he doubted Bush would resign but hoped his political colleagues would develop the “backbone” to remove Bush from office after the arrest and elect a new party leader.

The Deputy Governor denied he was part of any conspiracy to remove Bush from office and said his involvement was just to supply a list of people who had government-issued credit cards to and to ensure the production order for the statements and other documents was followed. He firmly said he had no knowledge of any of the emails from Taylor that had been read to the court.

Manderson did acknowledge, however, that such interference by Governor Taylor and the FCO was not right, but added it was the governor’s job to ensure good governance in the Cayman Islands.

If Bush is found “Not Guilty” I expect the Cayman Islands government will face a lawsuit from him that will be considerable.

The ramifications from direct interference by recent Governors acting for the FCO (Governor Jack and Operation Tempura) would appear to be costly.

I am deeply shocked.


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