November 26, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Sex toys

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What constitutes a sex toy?

When the Cayman Islands Customs Department seized a number of massagers from Reflections because officers were concerned that they were sex toys it immediately opened a can of worms.

Every massager can be used as a sex toy.

In fact the most innocent and every day object in a person’s home can be used as a sex toy.

There are vegetables and fruits that can also be used as sex toys.

Thank goodness Collector of used some common sense that would seem to be lacking somewhat by recent government officials. He handed the products back to the owner of Reflections, .

Clifford said, “I have reviewed that matter and have concluded that there is simply not enough evidence to justify a referral to the director of public prosecutions. Consequently, I have instructed that the items be returned to the Reflections store and provided appropriate advice to my officers on the matter.”

Having reviewed one of the products seized, “The Body Wand” I could find no mention anywhere in any advertising that it was a sex toy. It is certainly not marketed as such.

“Marital aids” as sex toys are described are banned here in the Cayman Islands as Playboy magazine is but it is to watch Adult Movies on the Cable Network.

And I haven’t even gone down the path of the Internet.

I wonder how many visitors coming here from America and are aware that bringing in a marital aid is an offence?

It is almost laughable isn’t it?

However, what government minister is going to take up that cause and say the law is archaic?

As for the backbenchers they are more content on appearing on the TV/Radio Call In Rooster show every Tuesday to show how bad things really are, according to them. Everything is down or up depending on if it hurts the present government. What they would do and how they would do it when most of the figures thrown at us were from things no government can control was not explained. So why not have a discussion sex toys?

All of this has given me a headache. I could do with a massage from one of those toys applied to the back of my head.

If this nonsense carries on I shall have to revert to my fingers. Unless they get put on the questionable massage list.

Panton said there was some confusion in the law as it stands. Or sits.

For now anything can constitute a sex toy.

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