June 21, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Senseless charge that will do much damage

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I had hoped and thought positively there would be no charges made against Cayman Brac artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes over the nude sculptures that were displayed on his property and visible to the general public.

I was wrong. Common sense goes out of the window and Kynes has been charged with displaying an obscene object for public exhibition, intending to corrupt moral, relative to section 157 (1) of the Penal Code (2017 Revision).

I cannot make any comment on whether I think his sculptures are obscene and he intentionally used his artistic talents to corrupt public morals. I have not seen the sculptures first hand nor am I God so I am unable to read his mind. No human being is able to “plumb the depths of the human heart or grasp the way the mind works” – Judith 8 v.14. Somehow the Judge is going to attempt to do this.

The major problem I have with all this is the detrimental publicity our Islands are going to get and have already gotten over the incident.

Kynes may be eccentric but he is no fool. The costs of trying to bring this lawsuit and win will be astronomical.

I have already written an Editorial on this whole affair and researched material on display in The Tate Gallery that has been deemed as art and not pornography that made me shudder and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Kynes must have rubbed his hands together with great glee at hearing the news.

I only got a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not at his sculptures but on the utter senseless stupidity of the charges being made.

Kynes told The Cayman Compass he “will be representing himself in the obscene publication charge, but will retain an attorney to pursue his lawsuit against government. He said he will be seeking $6 million in the lawsuit.”

And now he has installed three more statues on his property, two of which depict naked women.

There are hundreds and hundreds of paintings on display by artists all over the world of naked women because God made the human form beautiful. Are we here in the Cayman Islands saying that God made a mistake. The human body, especially the female one because the breasts are round and protrude, is obscene?

The sculptures in question are said to depict homosexuality. However, homosexuality is now acceptable, same-sex marriages are ever increasing becoming legal and the LGBTQ society are going to have a field day with this one including the Human Rights group.

Not only them. When is art pornographic?

The person or persons who made the decision to charge Kynes have made a huge mistake that is not only going to be costly but will do great damage to our islands.

The winds of change are blowing almost to hurricane strength in the direction of the LGBTQ but that seems to have escaped the powers that made this senseless char

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