September 20, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Rubbish


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Another four years has gone by and have we got any nearer to a solution to our ?

I beg to have to say with much sadness it is in my most humble opinion the answer is “No”.

We have had another expensive survey undertaken by experts, the cost of which could have been spent on more practical things – more up to date equipment – than we have now.

If you look at the latest and very comprehensive reports they have told us exactly what we already knew but won’t want to admit. No one is going to come forward and bail us out by paying for getting rid of our rubbish. We are going to have to do it ourselves or give away something the third party wants badly and would not otherwise be able to get.

The previous Bush government were willing to go that route as they couldn’t see any alternative. Not even the Bush sweet tongue could convince the majority and his Bodden Town devotees were thrown to the wolves.

This government likes lots of paperwork, surveys, reports, and even though they could have asked for updates on the previous paperwork, surveys, reports, they didn’t instigate them. So new ones from different specialists were sought and paid for,

And where are we with our rubbish?

It’s still in the same place.

Some better organisation.

A smattering of newer equipment.

But has any contract been signed with a utility? You know the answer to that?

And it is not only rubbish that is collected and goes to our dumps.

Have you looked around our islands lately?

The rubbish that we throw on pieces of uncultivated land is disgraceful. Plastic bags, polystyrene plates, plastic knives and forks, boxes with half eaten food, plastic bottles, an old shoe, laddered tights, and many more. I see this every morning when I take my dog for a walk. It is even worse after the garbage has been collected. If it falls out of the waste bags before making its way onto the garbage truck that’s where it stays. On the ground. Garbage containers not completely emptied and the garbage lays around the dropped bins laying on their side.

All of us, including the collectors, contribute to the untidiness of a mounting problem.


One of our readers sent me a photograph (see image) of a boat wreck at Governor’s Harbour.

He captioned it with “Derelict boats at the yacht club” and said “The government cannot seem to get the owners of these boats to get their wrecks out of Governors Harbour so the place looks like Ivan was last week. A real eyesore for tourism if you ask me!”

He is right.

So what is government doing about it? Answer. “We are looking into it”. Maybe they weren’t aware of it because they weren’t actually looking at it.

Expensive rubbish and boat wrecks are rubbish are an eyesore and must be dealt with. Owners must be held accountable. That can’t be that that difficult?

Maybe it is.

And I have to admit everything I have said today is RUBBISH.

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