November 28, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Robbery, scam, conservation, threat and Chinese

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It is a right mixed bag to comment on today and unfortunately nothing good.

Our scum of society robbed a George Town pharmacy on Monday at gunpoint, terrifying the shop assistants before making off with some money. They obviously are very well off as they could afford to drop some of their loot as they made their escape. Last Friday a 56 year old pizza driver was visiting a home when thieves pounced on him. Not content with stealing his wallet and some personal items they bashed him over the head. My blood boils over with rage at these evil vermin who terrorise their innocent victims who are often female and/or elderly. They are contemptuous cowards and unfortunately no punishment they will get when they are caught – and make no mistake you scum you will be caught – will be deserving enough.

And after scum comes scam. Con artists, posing as representatives from Microsoft are calling people here stating they have received an error message relating to their computer. Offering to repair the computer system remotely the scammers request the victim provides credit card details. Warning bells should ring in your head anytime someone asks for a credit card, especially if you are not aware of anything being wrong. These scammers are more sophisticated than the aforementioned robbers but scum nonetheless.

Our Government, after saying that the National Conservation Law was “a priority” when they were elected to office in 2009, and after much public consultation, has no idea how to move forward. Gina Ebanks-Petrie, director of Department of Environment (DoE), has said more than once that the clock is ticking on the islands’ precarious environmental resources and the bill has to become law at the earliest opportunity if the Cayman Islands is to have any chance at all of preserving them. From the silver thatch palm and the banana orchid to Cayman’s unique bats and reptiles, few of the islands’ indigenous species currently have any kind of legislative protection. There is a reason for everything living on this planet as history should have taught us but greed stops us from looking behind the picture. We are concerned only what we see  in front now and damn the consequences. It’s somebody else’s mess to clear up but as proved too often, when it is too late. Does anyone want to make a bet with me that you will not hear anything positive on this subject until just before the next election?

Mr. Dart is in trouble again with one of his company’s applications (Crymble Land Holdings) to dredge two canals in land at Vista Norte, West Bay. It was given the ‘thumbs down’ by the DoE last September as it threatens the local marine environment. Over 138,000 sq.ft of sea grass will be destroyed along with 161,000 cub. yds. of material. No master plan for the development was sent by the company to DoE and therefore the application in to be held in abeyance. Although the department recommended a full Environmental Impact Assessment be undertaken on the project with the terms of reference being established by a specially convened environmental advisory board, there is no such requirement at present in law. However, should the aforementioned National Conservation Law, be passed this requirement would have to be complied with. Am I being too suspicious with my thinking that the stalling of the Bill as discussed above may be related……..?

And our premier’s would be partner China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) are in trouble with the Office of the Contractor-General – Jamaica (OCG) who has called on the new People’s National Party government to stop negotiations with CHEC over the proposed North/South Link Highway 2000 that requires granting them a 50 year toll concession. Apparently, there was no competitive tendering. Oh dear. Doesn’t this all sound so familiar? I must try and remember why? Damn. I am showing my age……

Footnote from Joan Wilson, Publisher

I must give my condolences to the Myles family of George Town and their friends for the recent passing of Trella Sanon, lately of Pembroke Pines, Florida. Trella was a Caymanian who lived here for most of her life and was a very dear and beloved friend of mine. Dear Trella, RIP. You will be missed greatly.

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