January 23, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Road rage

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I saw a mild form of road rage last night (Sunday (26) that was performed in front of dozens of people. And it happened outside a church. South Sound United Church to be precise.

The evening started outside Elmslie Memorial United Church on the George Town waterfront where the evening service was due to start at 6:30pm. Unfortunately there was a power outage and around 60 plus persons were gathered outside.

It was a special service as a popular past minister of the church was invited here to do a presentation on missions.

After half an hour a decision was made to abandon Elmslie and move the service to the sister and very much smaller church at South Sound.

At least half of the congregation that was there and had to be moved were the elderly and some had walking disabilities.

The church bus was employed to take some and others rode in private transport.

Parking at the South Sound church is almost non existence on the grounds so the only place is along the road side.

The bus that was full of people had no alternative but to offload the elderly disabled persons in the middle of the road outside the entrance of the church.

A car driven by a man with a female passenger was not happy and decided to hurry things up by sitting behind the wheel and blowing his car horn non stop. I had to walk past him whilst other people were staring at him in complete amazement. I knocked on his window hoping he would wind it down but he was too intent on blowing his horn.

If he had done I was going to offer to change places with him. He could assist the persons getting off the bus therefore he would not be so long inconvenienced and I would blow his car horn for him. That was a fair exchange I thought.

Finally everybody got off the bus and then he had to wait again whilst two elderly persons crossed the road in front of him. One was Joan and the other her sister Helen, both in their eighties.

It is fortunate we don’t make it easy for persons to possess guns as I am quite convinced he would have been shooting it. He had lost all sense.

It was probably just as well he didn’t wind the window down as my comment would probably have incensed him even more.

The driver was lucky, too. If this had have been the USA, or other places with lax gun laws, he would not have known what his actions might have set off someone else. That person would not have been sitting behind the wheel of a car content to vent his rage by a continual press on the car horn. He might have been one of the persons in the road he was honking at with a gun in his pocket.

And don’t tell me that in the USA someone hasn’t been shot by someone in a rage in a church.

His actions were discussed for some minutes with shaking of the heads and despair.

Yes we prayed for him, too.

Asking God to help him overcome his road rage.

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