May 6, 2021

UPDATED: The Editor Speaks: Outrageous!

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UPDATED: New image showing kiosk

Outrageous is probably an understatement to be used on the contempt shown by the developer of the Purple Box on North Church Street, for the law and the people of the Cayman Islands.

Whilst the likes of Dart make proper application for a Coastal Works licence this particular developer is above the law.

First, he (the developer) chooses to ignore the decision of the Appeals Tribunal which revoked his building permission shockingly granted by the Central Planning Authority, then without permission, he moves sand to the location.

Ironically, the first Northwester came along and washed all the sand back into the sea.

But wait there is much more to come.

Last Friday (24) morning he with crane, truck and two divers removed large chunks of ironshore and material from the sea bottom in direct contravention of The Natural Conservation Law. Moreover as noted by an observer the chain attached to the crane was swinging dangerously close to a SUV parked in the illegally constructed car park. It is just fortunate that there were not an abundance of cruise ship passengers nearby.

Enquiries showed that no Coastal Works licence had been obtained and neither had adjoining land owners been notified of the developer’s intentions. The law is very clear and an offence has been committed and such persons perpetrating the offence may be subject to arrest.

So what will happen?

Probably nothing.

The CPA could have issued a restraining order for the car park and building but they did not.

Why not?

My answer. Because they just cannot be bothered and the Board of Directors have no gravitas. To see the extent of the CPA board’s problems read the Auditor General’s report. It makes interesting reading.

Let us just hope that both the National Conservation Council and the CPA stop the developer from running further amuck.

We do not need the Purple Box,

We do not need the car park.

We do not need the planned gazebo.

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    Thank you for this article Colin. All this is taking place in a marine Enviromental zone and the developer just does not care. But surely the authorities must do something about it. Since then he has erected a stall ans selling goods to passing tourists. Once again he has no licence. In summary he has:

    1. No building permission but built anyway contrary to the Appels Tribunal.

    2. Commenced a business with no TB licence.

    3. Has no occupancy licence.

    4. Contravened the Natural Conservation Law by removing coral and material from the sea bed.

    Is there one law for born Caymanians and another law for others including Mr Dart.May I suggest the developer sticks to flying planes provided he lands at designated airports or airfields. That occupation he should know.

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