September 26, 2020

The Editor Speaks: OMOV goes a step forward


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Colin WilsonwebEven though a snail would move more quickly the One Man One Vote (OMOV) has taken a step forward.

Of course it is not going to be an easy road especially with ex-premier McKeeva Bush nominating his friend and lawyer Steve McField as his representative to become a member of the .

“Everyone knows I am against what they are trying to do but we have appointed Steve McField,” Bush said. “I don’t agree with the mess they are trying to create and I hope my nominee will carry the message to them.”

Oh I am quite sure McField will carry that message across loud and clear. Very loud!

Premier Alden McLaughlin’s choice of lawyer Adrianne Webb is an excellent one. She already has the experience having served on the 2010 boundary commission.

Now we wait to see whom the Governor appoints as chairman.

It is interesting that we all know Bush is 100% against OMOV and McLaughlin is only at best lukewarm to the proposal and these are the country’s two main party leaders. Yes I am counting the C4C as a party. They are very much for it – well I am led to believe that is the case.

So what happens next after the chair is appointed?

They have to decide how the country is to be divided up. They also have to take into consideration the number of voters in each district and if they take the approach to go with how the polling stations in the last election were divided up everyone should be satisfied. Well not everyone of course.

The dividing lines between districts are where the biggest headache will be, especially between and . That will be of much interest.

When all that is done there will be a scramble by the current MLA’s of the three parties to find what they consider their safest seat is within the district divisions. I can see that being a bit of a cat fight.

They will be examining last election’s ballot boxes and where they came from very closely. Of course if the Commission do not stick to the polling station guidelines that won’t help them at all.

I can’t see any change to East End or . I think both nominees on the Commission are smart enough to know if they mess there then Bush’s “I don’t agree with the mess they are trying to create” will become a reality.

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman should also be left alone.

So it all comes down to West Bay, Bodden Town and George Town.

That is going to be very interesting indeed.

The country I am sure as a whole wishes the commission well and I just hope the step forward may become a leap.

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