November 29, 2023

The Editor speaks: Nothing to do

When one reaches retirement age many get very tired because they have ‘nothing to do’.

Under the heading “Retirement, A Cruel and Unusual Punishment’  the article goes on to say:

“Can you imagine being retired with nothing to do? Would it not be one of the cruellest punishments you could imagine? Does sitting in front of the TV, day in and day out, sound like a fulfilling way to live? Malcolm S. Forbes said “Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did”.’

However, it is not just retirees that have a problem finding something to do.

When my wife was growing up the Cayman Islands was very different, and she knows first hand what it was like having nothing to do.

And Joan, of course, wrote a poem on it.

Nothing To Do

It’s strange you know but very true
How things have changed for me and you
Why I remember way back when
We had absolutely nothing to do

Not these days though we’re all so busy
Except for those who want to be lazy
There just isn’t enough hours in a day
For what most of us would sooner play

We’re up in the morning at the crack of dawn
Whether it’s a sunny or a rainy morn
Kids to wake and feed before going to school
And think of all the things we have to do

Travelling to school we’re all in a hurry
So much traffic we can’t help but worry
Have we enough time when we get home again
To do the things that are left to do

Like sweep and clean the driveway off
Make sure the birds are fed enough
And feed the dog and give him a drink
And no time at all to really think

Drink some juice or eat some breakfast
Hoping we’ll have enough strength to last
Get yourselves dressed and off to work
To do the things others would shirk

And this is anything in the line of banking
Selling duty free or maybe accounting
Serving as a waiter in a restaurant
Or law or tourism as a travel agent

Then school is out and kids are waiting
To be picked up and taken to their dancing
We’ll have about one hour before track and field
We’re so tired but we mustn’t yield

So take a big breath and relax for a minute
Have a cup of tea or just a sip of it
Then we’re on the road again in rush hour traffic
It’s that time of day where our car just sits

Finally we did it we’re home at last
Very grateful another day has passed
We can relax with family and friends anew
Whoever said we have nothing to do?

Joan (Watler) Wilson

And after reading that I’m looking forward to Having Nothing To Do.

Aren’t you?

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