July 9, 2020

The Editor Speaks: No walk-ins or you’ll be run-in


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Colin Wilsonweb“We will not be allowing any more walk-ins from [Friday, 3 May] until the 23rd May – the office will be on lock-down.

“No one will be permitted into the office unless they are on the list with an appointment. We are all here to assist you, the candidates, and we need you to work with us as well.”

This was from an internal email that was sent by Cindy Adam, the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) George Town office administrator, after an alleged disturbance last week at their George Town headquarters by a woman.

The email went on to say that the woman, “has made accusations of candidates giving large sums of money to persons. She has threatened to call the police, CITN [Cayman27 Television Station] and go to other parties because no one is assisting 
her with funds.”

So don’t expect a welcome mat will be lying there at the door of the past government’s office. Instead a security guard will be there barring your way and if you aren’t on his list you ain’t getting in.

The Cayman Islands has come a long way from the days when anyone was welcome to call in whether one had an appointment or not.

I remember the days when my wife, Joan, would cook a huge lunch on Sundays just in case someone might call in.

I remember when we first got married in England and we travelled up to London and walked in with no appointment to the Cayman Islands Office there and asked to see the ex Governor Thomas Russell who was now the head man at the office.

Within a minute Mr. Russell was there to meet us with a beaming smile and apologising that he couldn’t spend much time as he was interviewing school teachers who had applied for jobs in the Cayman Islands.

I also remember when Joan had announced she was going to run in one of the general Elections along with ex MLA Linford Pierson. Immediately there were callers every day knocking at our door for a “hand-out”.

She quickly changed her mind and pulled out of the race.

We are rapidly approaching the Hurricane Season and windows and doors might have to be barred and shuttered.

What a shame we have to do it now, especially from a political party’s office, campaigning in an election for our vote because they want to be our servant.

“-But you’re not walkin-in to see us without an appointment you might not get. If you do – you’ll get run-in.”

As Andy Martin says, “And take that!”


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