October 22, 2020

The Editor Speaks: No power. No work.


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Colin Wilson2webOur reliance on power is almost 100%. That was brought home today when we lost power this morning just after 10:30 and were without the unseen but magical substance called electricity until around 2pm. It did remind me briefly of the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

Schools were closed and because our computers wouldn’t work most of us didn’t either.

My first worry was the food in the refrigerator. It could be spoilt and after only 2 hours the ice cream in the freezer was already soft.

Thankfully we have gas so were able to heat up a meal.

I listened to music via my iPod and headphones. I had enough battery power for that.

However, it was hot. So I stripped off to just my pants and sweated.

A doomsday blog on the website rense.com predicts that there could be no electricity “in perhaps two or three years, or even sooner. This is about a future with no electricity. Such a disaster can quickly happen anytime after the Sun generates a coronal mass ejection (commonly known as a CME) in the direction of Earth. A CME is the product of an X class solar flare as solar material leaves the sun, and does not loop back into the Sun as it does an M class flare.

“A CME is a momentary event, which will have extremely negative effects lasting for a century or more on Earth. We’ll explore what will happen in detail to most aspects of life as we know it. Some parts of this article will be graphic in nature.

“In the 1990s a minor CME event did happen. CME solar material becomes ionizing radiation and hit the Earth’s atmosphere over the area of Quebec, Canada. For about one week the power company was unable to reset high tension power line circuit breakers to restore power. The ionizing radiation made the atmosphere so conductive that high tension power lines were arcing.

“Ionizing radiation ionizes the air, making it highly conductive and shorting out the AC power to ground. All power authorities could do was to wait for the radiation to subside, which took about one week before power could be restored. We do not officially know how much of the Quebec area’s electrical system was damaged by the CME. It would also be interesting to see if there was a spike in cancer or other diseases with people who were exposed to the ionizing radiation during the event.

“If a truly massive CME hits the Earth, it could for all practical purposes take out the world’s electricity distribution. For all practical purposes, this would essentially be permanent. It could take decades to repair the world’s electrical system, if replacement parts were immediately available. There would be massive damage to power generating, distribution facilities, substations and countless transformers and switching equipment everywhere.

“When high power transformers used in substations or on utility poles are damaged, they must be scrapped or rebuilt. If the factories that create or repair these electrical components are also without power, they will be unable to rebuild or repair electrical equipment. With an AC power outage, there will be no diesel fuel available to fill the tanks on large trucks used to transport and install these massive electrical components.

“We’ve read in history books how mobs of people grabbed and lynched people, or tar and feathered them, about former queens voluntarily walking to the chopping block, the condemned walking up the steps to the gallows or people burned at the stake. Living in the past where these things were accepted as part of life seems incomprehensible to us with our modern mindset.

“Yet a sudden shift back in time to a mindset of acceptable brutality can happen faster than we might want to accept. And it all starts with a light switch on the wall that won’t work.”

Then the article entitled “No Electricity And Its 5000 BC” takes a look at the life we should expect. And it’s horrible. Shocking. Murders. You have to learn to kill without a second thought or you will die along with your family.

Dire stuff.

His final words are: “A complete collapse of society as we know it will be the result of losing electricity permanently.

“Will we be prepared in time? Or be knocking on the gates of a concentration camp begging to get it? Thirst, hunger and cold drives people to do things that they would never imagine themselves doing.”

You can read the whole blog by Ted Twietmeyer at: http://www.rense.com/general87/5000.htm

A life with no power in reality is probably no life at all.

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