June 6, 2020

The Editor speaks: No need for Referendum. Thank you!


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Colin Wilson

“Don’t you think the general public should know exactly what the Port Project entails?”

“Don’t you think government should be completely open and tell us exactly what it is going to cost the country?”

“Don’t you think we should be shown the plans?

All the above were the questions thrown at me and my wife and everybody else by the Campaigners for a Referendum on the Port Project.

They were also quick to tell us they were not against the Port Project. They wanted government to provide them with more information.

Very good. Nothing wrong with that. Sign here.

Of course the large majority of the people signing did not bother to read everything on the paper they signed.

My wife admits she didn’t read the document she was signing she just believed what she was told,

If those questions were the only things that government had to provide then there is now absolutely no reason for the Referendum.

This government was elected because the building of a new port was in their manifesto. It was the the main item. Therefore all those of us who elected them were for it.

However, the persons behind this Referendum have other agendas they have not disclosed for not wanting the Port project to go ahead.

In the CPR Cayman PR we have published today, and written before the Government’s Press conference last Monday (we only received the PR today, probably because they know I am not on their side) they state “it was now incumbent on Government to reveal the full details about the cost of the project, how it would be funded and the revised designs. Government has previously indicated that it was not able to give these details while the procurement process for the Proposed Cruise Berthing Facility and Upgraded Cargo Area was taking place.

“It is also understood that the winning bidder of the Finance, Design, and Build contract will be responsible for financing an update to the Environmental Impact Assessment on the final design. The details of how that process will take place and other aspects of how the project proceeds are expected to be revealed Monday.”

It all has been and if they weren’t pre3sent we have published THREE reports that show in detail everything the CPR have wanted.

The CPR tell us they are a “grassroots community organisation”. Exactly what privilege does that make them. Aren’t all the government ministers grassroots Caymanians? Elected by the public, the majority also being grassroots.

“Mario Rankin of CPR Cayman said supporters of the petition should not be discouraged by the announcement.”

Mario, if your people were telling the truth and explaining why there was a need for this Referendum – see beginning of my Editorial – why would they be discouraged?

They have won without the need of it.

Of course, Mario, that is NOT the reason for the Referendum. It is to stop the project going ahead because of reasons you are not disclosing!

You just fell into a trap of your own making.

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