February 22, 2020

The Editor speaks: Mothers


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Colin Wilson

Today (Sunday), as I write this, it’s Mother’s Day.

A very happy and blessed day to all mothers.

Every mother deserves the highest praise and every one of us who have had the privilege and joy of having a mother should thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A mother’s love is endless. There is the heartache and pride a mother goes through as she watches her children grow to maturity. There is the grief she goes through if her child is lost to her through death or other influences.

When we pray to God when our loved ones are sick, seldom do we pray for the living mother? we should. She is going through hell with worry.

A few days ago I saw the movie “Breakthrough” A film most professional critics hated. They thought the plot was “trite”. The praying to God was “nauseating”. The movie was so “predictable”. The ending was “ridiculous”. The movie was “uncomfortable” watching. “Don’t waste your time and money going to see it”. These were only some of their words of criticism.

Singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood had a recent song that scrapped into the top 10 country charts and should have been number one. This song was used at the end of the “Breakthrough” movie. The title “Love Wins”.

You see, “Breakthrough” is a Christian movie about love. In particular a mother’s love. The mother was described by one critic as “that fat woman”. This “ fat woman” was the mother of a baby, a boy, no one wanted and she and her husband adopted it. When the boy, now a teen, was upset at knowing he was adopted he rebelled and with two friends ignored all the warnings of danger played on a pond covered wit frozen ice. The ice broke and all three fell through. His friends were quickly saved but he stayed under the ice for over an hour because he went further down. His rescue attempt was called off. However, one of the firemen head a voice telling him to go back and search again, and thinking it was an order from his fire chief he did and found the boy.

The voice the fireman heard was not the fire chief’s. The conclusion was it had have been God’s. the fireman said he didn’t believe in God.

Everyone wanted to give up on the boy, especially the medical staff, including his adopted father but not the mother. Through her great love for her son and her faith in God she knew her son could hear her. She told him to fight. He did. A miracle happened and her son pulled through.

Her church prayed and it made the local press and prayer groups all around joined in. At every hurdle, including the mother’s health and the doubting doctors, the boy recovered and lived a normal life.

That is why the professional critics hated the story. The praying. The hymn singing. A young ‘hippie’ pastor. All utter nonsense. There was too much love. And a miracle. It is better to believe in the super heroes who save the world from super monsters. The critics love those movies. That seems more real to them.

They should have loved the movie “Breakthrough”. It was full of love. No violence. No killing. No foul language. No sex scenes. Love. Love for one another. A mother’s love for her son.

As for the ‘trite’ plot….

Everything in the movie was TRUE!!

The boy lived because of his mother’s love for him and her trust in God. God was the super hero.

And that is why we celebrate ALL MOTHERS today. It is because of LOVE.

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