December 1, 2020

The Editor Speaks: More leaks pour on Miller

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Colin WilsonwebOne of the companies we used to report our home water leaks to was a local company called Miller’s Plumbing. In no time, Mr Miller and his plumber’s mate were there to stop the fault and everything was water leak free once more.

These were WATER leaks. Another Mr Miller is ready to accept your reports and act upon them but these leaks have nothing to do with water or plumbing.

I am speaking of North Side MLA Ezzard Miller who is tenacious in his pursuit of the truth. Even if you don’t agree with him, and some of his claims are, in my opinion, wide of the mark, you have to admire his outspokenness and his want to get to the bottom of suspicious and secretive plots and subplots.

A case in point is the suspended CEO of the Cayman Islands Airport Authority (CIAA), Jeremy Jackson.

On Friday December 14th 2012 we were informed by Steve McField, the CIAA Deputy Chairman, that Jackson had been placed on required leave and Kerith McCoy was acting in his stead.

Nothing more has been disclosed to the media until now.

A confidential report, plus a stack of documents, were reportedly leaked to Ezzard Miller by being placed in a sealed brown envelope and left in his truck. Not exactly a very secure way of leaking potential explosive confidential documents but they still found their way to the Legislative Assembly’s number one plumber.

And Miller delivered them to CNS because he was concerned that after so long knowing about issues contained in the documents and in the face of damning evidence, the [CIAA] board has still not acted.

CNS reports that Jackson faces a long list of accusations relating to serious mismanagement at the airport, misuse of public money, boozy lunches for staff who were on duty, flying lessons for an employee running a private flight school, unexplained thefts, and the apparent misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The report also lists a catalogue of expenditures which should not have been made or authorized by Jackson that includes the use of various contractors without any contractual agreements or approval by the airport board and the financing of the former chief financial officer’s permanent residency at a cost of $15,500!

There is much more laid out in the CNS story.

Miller has said he was very disappointed that the CIAA board has refused to make any comment about the situation. He views it as very serious, and he said action had to be taken.

“I don’t see why the board has not acted, given the serious misappropriation of public money,” Miller said. “I do not see why this is being kept in the dark and it is unfair to everyone involved to allow these issues to drag out without resolution. I am also disappointed that despite being asked, the board and management are not prepared to offer an explanation about what is going on.”

I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Miller.

If anyone of you out there know of any more leaks MLA Miller is the man to pour them on.


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