October 31, 2020

The Editor speaks: Men’s Day – are you laughing?


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Colin Wilson

Did you know that Tuesday November 19th is International Men’s Day?

I didn’t?

I haven’t received a Press Release from one of our government ministers applauding the day, unlike the female version.

Yes men. It is us that have become second class. And we allowed it to happen.

Actually, government (GIS) did arrange two activities in praise of the day but that involved some actual physical action on my part and not even the spirit is willing let alone the body.

Most women (and men,too) think celebrating Men is one great big joke.

But is it?

Look at these statistics:

In the UK, the most common cause of death for men under 50 is suicide.

While women under 50 are more likely to attempt to kill themselves, men under 50 are more likely to succeed when they try.

A large number of men feel they can’t talk about their feelings, their problems and their worries without being mocked, teased and made fun of.

There is far less help for male victims of domestic abuse and male victims of sexual violence than their female counterparts.

The crime of rape in the UK doesn’t include a woman forcing a man to have sex. It is literally impossible for a woman to rape a man under the law.

Are we all laughing now?

Gabriel Bell writing on the website Quora admitted she thought International men’s Day was a joke.

However, she has changed her mind.

This is her take now:

It’s not a joke. It’s not something set up by lunatic men to get attention.

It’s about the men who feel lonely, abandoned and forgotten. It’s about the ones who have no hope, and who are staring at the cliff edge.

It’s about the fact the leading cause of death is suicide and how to change that.

It’s about support for all those who are lost, alone and scared and yet feel they cannot talk to anyone because THEY ARE MEN goddamn it and men don’t talk about their feelings.

So if International Women’s Day is a day to remind you that women are people too by celebrating the “social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women” then International Men’s Day is a day to remind you that men are people to by reminding you they are just as fragile, and just as in need of help as the next person.

Remember, remember the 19th of November.

See: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Mens-Day-not-celebrated-just-the-way-Womens-Day-is-celebrated-in-India-and-around-the-globe

Is anyone still laughing now?

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