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The Editor Speaks: Mangoes

Where have all the mangoes gone?

Last year the mango tree in our garden was bursting with the sweetest mangoes ever. We were giving away ten times as many as we could eat.

This year we have had THREE!

The Cayman Islands Museum are advertising “Mango Season at the Museum on Saturday, July 14th from 10:00am until 2:00pm.” – Enjoy local mango products….”

I hope it all works out well, although the signs are not good.

The early heat wave caused a lot of the blossoms to burn off, this was followed by strong winds and then the rains came down.

Apparently all is not lost. My tree is one of the early varieties, although it did produce fruit for months. There are others, due in about three weeks that might be better. And finally the last ones due late Summer, might be even better.

I say ‘might’, but some local experts don’t think so.

We can say for certainty is there will not be anything like the quantity of mangoes here on Grand Cayman this year compared to last.

One local grower said this year is likely to be the worst ever.

Some of the various mangoes we have here on Grand Cayman are:

East Indian Namdock Julie
Number Stringy Green Age
Hayden Blackie Number 11
Longie Common Turpentin

Each of those mangoes have their own distinct taste. The ones on our tree are the sweetest I have ever tasted. No one has been able to tell me what the variety of mango it is.

In case you don’t get to eat a mango this year sing along with the Marty Robbins song “Mango”. Ypu will find it on Youtube.

I leave you with the lyrics:


Pick the mango from the tree
Hand the mango down to me
Put the mango in a sack
Put the sack upon my back
Everybody, now come along
Help me sing my mango song


Take the mango to the square
Try to sell the mango there
If I do not sell it then
Take it back and try again
Everybody, now come along
Help me sing my mango song




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